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DescriptionFake NameOriginal Company
Purveyor of paper, pens, and staplers who rules absolutely
Shoe company that stores pirates' valuables
Tool to examine the internet with protective spectacles
Alliterative purveyor of electronics that is extremely crowded
Vendor of personal computers that also sells meats, cheeses, and salads
Breakfast food company that gives nonspecific instructions for after one's death
Investment banker who is past his prime
Seller of candy bar boat propulsion
Purveyor of computer software made of a powdery substance often found in chimneys
A maker of sports apparel in a perfect square
Automotive company that sells driveable utensils
Transporter of packages that can hold liquid
Drugstore chain that will clean your house
Department store at the junction of two pieces of fabric
Store that sells assemble-at-home concepts
DescriptionFake NameOriginal Company
Clothing store that causes a surprised intake of breath
Chain that sells coffee and a black, sticky substance
Grocery store specializing in purple root vegetables
Vendor of office supplies that are no longer fresh
Fast food chain staffed by an athlete
Food chain that inspires concern about the danger of underwater vehicles
Department store specializing in large graphs
Retailer that sells electronics in various proportions
Fast food company seving Mexican food that shouts about it
Diner chain which refuses to admit anything
Hotel chain that presses designs into the toilet paper
Credit card company that only serves men
Car company that will check one's finances
Major retail corporation that segments buildings
Hard alcohol brand one hears in a church

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