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Can you name the Top Upcoming Rappers By Top 3 Songs?

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The Town, Tidal Wave, The Calm
Sit Down, I Don't Get Tired, Out The Mud
Gimme The Loot, My Grandma's Basement, Heart Attack.
Floyd Money Mayweather, Kill Em With Kindness, Can't Stop Won't Stop
Ill Mind, Caught In The Rain, Rip Your Heart Out
Mamacita, Don't Play, Skyfall
Queen, Vortex, Old English
Young Abu Dhabi, Dope House, Let's Get It
Lacrimosa, Shroud, Speedom (WW2)
My Team Supreme, Palm Trees, Guns n' Butter
In The Kitchen, Shooters, Garfield
Made Me, Rich Or Not, No Kissing
Slum Anthem, Lil' Bit, Cut Her Off
Check, Off-Set, Constantly Hating
Love Story, Best Friend, Pop The Trunk
Games, Too Much, OG Bobby Johnson
Fight Night, Falisha, Bricks
Bussin, Memo, Raw Cypher
Retalliation, No Juice, Like A Man
Monster, B-Boy, **** You Mean
Jazz, The Waters, Martyrs
Parents, Threats, Zone 3
Spaz, Kill For Your Lovin, Kill ****
Meat Cleaver, Dead Bitch, Mannibalector
Seven Chakras, Power Play, It's Over

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