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QUIZ: Can you name the Major Women of the Bible?

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Ate from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden.Genesis
Her Husband tells everyone that she is his sister, not his wife.Genesis
Was gifted to a man to bear a child for him.Genesis
Mother of the first twins mentioned in the Bible.Genesis
Jacob had been tricked into marrying the wrong sister her.Genesis
She married Jacob, becoming his second but most-loved wife.Genesis
She is the only woman judge mentioned in the Book of Judges.Judges
A Philistine woman who discovered the secret of Samson's strength, and sold that secret to the Philistine lords. Judges
Lost her husband and two sons and renamed herself Mara which means BitternessRuth
Became the Great Grandmother of King David.Ruth
A queen who was secretly jewish and saved her people.Esther
She was the mother of John the Baptist, Luke
Became pregnant before she was married.Gospels
Sat at the feet of Jesus, and bathed him in perfumes. (type '____ of Bethany' after her name)Gospels
She was destracted by many household tasks. Jesus set her priorities strait.Gospels
She had seven demons came out of her.Gospels

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