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MovieMissing WordsYear
The ______ Returns2001
There ______ ______ Blood2007
______ ______: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street2007
The ______ ____ ____ Massacre1974
The ______ Suicides1999
Murder on the ______ Express1974
Grave of the ______1988
Mack the ______1989
______ ______: Ghost Protocol2011
The Lion, The Witch, and the ______2005
Monster ______2006
______ Night1985
The ______ of Frankenstein1970
______ Zombie1932
MovieMissing WordsYear
The Wolf ______1941
Ernest Scared ______1991
Fear and ______ in Las Vegas1998
Planet ______2007
The Phantom From ______ ______1955
Scary ______2000
Batman: Mask of the ______1993
______ -_____ and the Ghoul School1988
Night of ______ ______ Dead1968
Creature From the ______ ______1954
The Nightmare ______ ______1993
Beauty and the ______1991
______ to Kill1989
______ of the Vampire2000
Death to ______2002

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