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Can you name the actors based on credited voiceover characters?

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Voiceover CharactersActorFilms
Gru's Mom, Princess Zeila, The Queen
Butch, Cpt. Gray Edwards, Makunga
Adam Flayman, Adult Simba, Despereaux
Dr. Gouache, Mr. Fox
Calcifer, Mike Wazowski, Rugs Turkell
Abby Mallard, Jessie, Lead Elf
Bill the Krill, Cale Tucker, K├┤ichi, Spirit the Stallion
Dory, 'Prologue Dog'
Princess Fiona
Roxanne Ritchie
Baloo, James P. 'Sulley' Sullivan, Layton T. Montgomery, Pacha
Chanukah Zombie, The Joker, Judah
Frozone, Rumbo, Zog
Lola, Tigress
Darth Vader, Mufasa
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Galvatron, King Kashekim Nedakh, Sentinel Prime
Barry B. Benson
Bessy the Cow, Chloe the Goose, Innoko, Stella
Pippo, Unicron
Fender, The Genie, Lovelace, Napoleon Cross

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