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Can you name the sports movie by the main competitive opponent of the film?

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Main OpponentMovieYear
Andrew Lewis High School2000
Ernie McCracken1996
Racine Belles1992
Syracuse Bulldogs1977
'The Ayatollah'2008
The Monstars1996
Dallas Ropers2000
New York Mets1994
Judge Elihu Smails and Dr. Beeper1980
Dallas Felons1998
War Admiral2003
Apollo Creed1977
Shea Neary2010
Main OpponentMovieYear
Nazi German soccer team1981
U.S.S.R. hockey team2004
The Guards1974
Max Baer2005
Carter High School2004
'The Yankees'1976
Jean Girard2006
South Bend Central Bears1986
Shooter McGavin1996
Minnesota Fats1961
Fairchild and Stranz van Waldenberg2007
New York Yankees1989
Johnny Lawrence1984

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