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QUIZ: Can you name the movies by their fictional political leaders and public officials?

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Joh Fredersen1927
Count Dracula1931
Rufus T. Firefly1933
Senator Jefferson Smith1939
The Munchkin Mayor1939
Hynkel of Tomania 1940
The Queen of Hearts1951
King Arthur1963
President Merkin Muffley1964
President Jordan Lyman1964
Senator Pat Geary1974
Ambassador Robert Thorn1976
Emperor Palpatine1980
Mayor Goldie Wilson1985
President Skroob1987
King Triton1989
Senator Bob Roberts1992
President Thomas J. Whitmore1996
President James Marshall1997
Senator Robert Kelly2000
Queen Clarisse Renaldi2001
Lord Farquaad2001
Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge2002
King Théoden2002
Governor Weatherby Swann2003
High Chancellor Adam Sutler2005
Mayor Joe Quimby2007
District Attorney Harvey Dent2008

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