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Can you name the balam alliance member ? (P.s. Use the real name for Oracion seis member)

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GuildCharacter NameMagic / Curse
Oracion seisDarkness magic
Oracion seisPoison dragon slayer
Oracion seisSlowing magic
Oracion seisAngel magic
Oracion seisReflector
Oracion seisEarth magic
Oracion seisSlot magic
Grimoire heartChain magic
Grimoire heartGravity magic
Grimoire heartTime arc
Grimoire heartGreat tree arc
Grimoire heartMaguilty sense
Grimoire heartFlame god slayer
Grimoire heartHuman subordination
Grimoire heartArc of embodiment
Grimoire heartUshi no koku mairi
Grimoire heartOrient solid script
GuildCharacter NameMagic / Curse
Grimoire heartEgg magic
TartarosThorn curse
TartarosSensation curse
TartarosTenchi kaimei
TartarosIce devil slayer
TartarosBomb curse
TartarosTenga goken
TartarosCalamity curse
TartarosAbsorption curse
TartarosBlast magic
TartarosSlippery curse
TartarosSuper archive
TartarosElectric charge

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Created Jun 7, 2016ReportNominate
Tags:Anime Quiz, Fairy Tale

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