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The Barberwas also The Bootyman. Had a run with Hogan before turning heel and becoming the Bootyman
The Animalknown for ripping open the turnbuckle and eating it
Rated R Superstarnever had sex...father of jesus
The Birdmancame to the ring with his feathered friend frankie
Natureboyalmost died in a plane crash. was the flamboyant blonde leader of the original for the original four horsemen. 21 time championship winner
Jumpinsmallest member of the killer bees tagteam, who were on the scene for 7 years, beginning in 1985
Big SexyLeader of nWo, a dominant group of controversial superstars that decimated the rosters of WCW and WWE by taking control of the soundbooth en masse and finally taking away control from the management of all shows
The Modelwears bathroom polo...was once in a tagteam called the can-am connection
Rockfell down on the job..he also danced with his mop
The Hammerused figure four leg lock as finisher. he wore a leg brace that made his finisher even more painful. this lead to a drama of his brace being banned and many instances of his brace being tossed in while the referee was being distracted
Supaflywore leopard print tights and hailed from hawaii
The Hurricanepacked 90mph winds and used quick oneliners like ''wassupwitdat!'.to bolster his position as number one contender for cruiserweight title.
The Rockhollywood superstar starred in The Scorpion King, Fast and Furious 6, Fast Five and Faster
The Vipermember of the group named Revolution along with Ric Flair and Batista. Finisher is RKO
All American Americanaccompaneed by vicki guerrero, sometimes teams with Dolph Ziggler
Machomanmarried longtime ring escort miss Elizabeth, who would then become the center of attention in a feud between machoman and hulk hogan
The Showoffalso accompanied by vicki guerrero...finisher is the zig-zag
The Scorpionalso known as the crow and the icon. uses stinger splash as a finisher
The HitmanThe best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be
Charismatic Enigmawears way too much bodypaint is matt hardy..can do a swanton bomb easier than jumping off the top rope.
Meanring announcer and backstage inteviewer
Superstarhe likes tye-dye and limps downhill with a cane
The Painleft wwe to fight in MMA matches. went undefeated for 11 matches. eventually led to a surprise appearance at a wwe show where he and john cena got into a brawl and a bloody mouth to cena
The Snakecarried his burmese python, damion, in a bag with him to the ring. his finisher, the DDT, was put in jeopardy for being too dangerous
Hacksawhis best friend was a 2x4 hoooo!
Kingretired from royalty ..still has the crown to prove it
The Whole F'N Showthe human stretch armstrong. finishers are 5star frogsplash, van daminator and rolling thunder
Y2Jfirst undisputed World Heavyweight Champion
The Doctor of Stylemanager of Akeem and The One Man Gang
The Dragonknown for an angle where he lost his tounge in a match with randy savage in which savage violently hit ricky in his neck, causing him to bite his tongue and eventually swallow it
Rabid Wolverinepunk he dives from the top rope a beast for a flying headsmash, but his finisher is a crossface crippler
Cerebral Assassinhusband to Stephanie McMahon and son-in-law to Vince McMahon
HBKformer tag partner with Marty Jannety known as The Rockers and also member of the group named D-Generation X
Big Booty Daddyflexed half of tagteam the steiner brothers
The Chairman of The Boardeveryone's best friend..has a nicer ass than rikishi
The Big Red Monsterwrestled with no mask after he was scarred by being thrown in a fire
The BrainThe Weasel.. can throw himself upside down when thrown into a corner
The DeadmanThe Phenom. in the 80's and 90's, this wrestler gave everyone chills as he dispatched opponents with ease, going 20-0 in Wrestlemanias
The Great Whitesmells like dead fish..main move is brogue kick
Stone Coldalso wrestled as Stunning Steve and The Ringmaster
Mouth of The Southloudmouth manager who used a megaphone to yell encouragments to his wrestlers
The Ugandan Headhunterlead to the ring on a chain because he was supposedly 'too violent'
Miss Hancocktall, long legged diva that danced on Dancing With The Stars
Dog Faced Gremlinwrestled half of the tagteam steiner brothers
The Kingretired wrestler, now a color commentator
Mr. Perfectjust take our word for it..finisher was fishermans hook suplex
Big Daddy Vdid a number of skits where he was known as Sexual Chocolate and attracted the attention of several wwe divas
X-Pacgrease monkey
The Bella Twinsthey are young and really tiny
Kharmanever actually wrestled a match after being confronted by 8 female wrestlers who she had attacked from behind after losing her match
JYDuses the headbutt as a finisher
Everyday Americanmy uncle
The Animalprefers to be kept in his den
The Anvilloved to stroke his long red beard while being interviewed
Dudley Boystag team notable for using tables..and getting away with it!
Demolitionmanaged by the diabolical Mr. Fuji
Olympic Medal Winnerin school and in the olympics
Mankindalso Dude Love and Cactus Jack
The Bodywas a politician in the state of Minnesota
Bushwhackersweird freaks who licked each other's head
The Moneyson of Vince McMahon here comes the money!
The Un-Americansreally really boring and unpatriotic
Mr. Wonderfulretired body builder
The Mizhe was Tough Enough. has been on a ton other reality type tv shows
The Funkasauruscame to WWE when Michael Jaxon passed away.
The Cathe also loved to dance
Million Dollar Man'Every man has his price..made his bodyguard virgil a star
World's Strongest Manhad a love child with The Fabulous Moolah
SpankySliced Bread number 5 was his finisher
The Narcissistwore an iron plate in his wrist to make his clothesline that much more effective
Samoan Submission Specialisthe looks sooo innocent, though
Eddie GuerreroLatino Heat
The Cowboywore a cast on his arm as a gimmick for his whole wrestling career
Rowdykilt wearing Scot with a bit of a temper problem
Hannah Montanacan't be tamed
The Phenomenal Onehe only LOOKS like a Captain America figurine
Womanwas attacked by a shark
Best Damn Tag Team Everdivorced on December 29th, 1989
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