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Can you name the romantic comedies from the silly complications keeping the main couple apart?

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Year: StarsRomcomsComplications!
2009: Katherine Heigl, Gerard ButlerShe's uptight and controlling! He's an unpleasant male chauvinist!
2005: Debra Messing, Dermot MulroneyHe's a prostitute!
2008: Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaugheyHe's obsessed with hunting for treasure and she gets fed up with this! Realistic drama!
2002: Jennifer Lopez, Ralph FiennesShe's poor and pretends not to be!
2008: Patrick Dempsey, Michelle MonaghanHe's a cad and her best platonic friend! She's about to get married!
2001: Monica Potter, Freddie Prinze Jr.She thinks he's a murderer! Haha?
2005: Jennifer Lopez, Jane FondaHer beau's mother doesn't approve and she fights with her!
2008: Katherine Heigl, James MarsdenShe is pining after her unkind boss, loves weddings, and has been a bridesmaid nearly 30 times! He has cynical views of marriage!
2007: Diane Keaton, Mandy MooreHer mom is overbearing!
2004: Brittany Murphy, Ron LivingstonHe has a (title) full of exes whom she feels she must meet!
2008: Eva Longoria, Paul RuddHis dead fiancee is jealous! Oh noes!
1999: Chris O'Donnell, Renee ZellwegerHe has to get married by the end of the next day! Crazy!
Year: StarsRomcomsComplications!
2009: Sandra Bullock, Bradley CooperShe's absolutely insane! Like, she is terrifying and should be forcibly committed! He, for some reason, does not like this!
2003: Ben Affleck, Jennifer LopezShe's gay! No, it's not “Chasing Amy!”
2010: Katherine Heigl, Ashton KutcherHe's in the CIA! She doesn't like this!
2001: Kate Beckinsale, John CusackThey realize they are perfectly compatible, but decide to allow their relationship to be controlled by “fate” instead of writing down each others' contact information! Smart!
2003: Kelly Clarkson, Justin GuariniSomething about losing her telephone number? Also he's not very nice! But mostly? Nonsense! And singing!
2005: Reese Witherspoon, Mark RuffaloShe's in a coma! Clearly both romantic and comedic!
2010: Katherine Heigl, Josh DuhamelThey had a really bad date! And now they're the surprise legal co-guardians of a toddler!
2010: Jennifer Lopez, Alex O'LoughlinShe loves him but... she's already been inseminated artificially! Insane!
2007: Dane Cook, Jessica AlbaEvery woman he dates marries the next man she meets, or something like that! Also, she's clumsy! Wacky!
2005: Diane Lane, John CusackAt one point they can't find a condom! Otherwise, pure contrivance! Yay!
2006: Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew McConaugheyHe is nearly middle-aged and lives with his harried parents!
1998: Tom Hanks, Meg RyanThey've been chatting online! And he's also putting her out of business, but she doesn't know it!

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