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Can you name the great TV characters whose performers never won an Emmy for portraying them?

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Character InfoCharacterDefeated by (year)
He may not have an Emmy, but he has plenty of Dundies.Adrian Monk ('06), Andy Millman ('07), Jack Donaghy ('08, '09), Sheldon Cooper ('10, '11)
CIA, SD-6, APO, among other acronyms. CJ Gregg ('02, '04), Carmela Soprano ('03), Allison DuBois ('05)
His TV sons, wife, and daughter-in-law all won, but he came up short seven times. Niles Crane ('99, '04), Jack McFarland ('00), John Cage ('01), Robert Barone ('02, '03, '05)
Vain, neurotic TV talk show host. Sam Malone ('93), Frasier Crane ('95, '98), Dick Solomon ('96, '97)
Neither Art Vandelay nor a marine biologist. Herman Stiles ('92), Cosmo Kramer ('93, '94, '97), Niles Crane ('95, '98), Artie ('96)
Father of Becky, Darlene, DJ and Jerry. Harry Weston ('89), Sam Malone ('90, '93), Wood Newton ('91), Hayden Fox ('92), Frasier Crane ('94, '95)
Nothing suits him like a suit. Ari Gold ('07, '08), Alan Harper ('09), Cameron Tucker ('10)
There was an Executive ADA before Jack McCoy. No, really, there was. Gabriel Bird ('91), Alistair Dimple ('92), Jimmy Brock ('93), Andy Sipowicz ('94)
Writes novels, solves mysteries in Cabot Cove. Mary Beth Lacey ('85, '88), Chris Cagney ('86, '87), Colleen McMurphy ('89, '92), Nancy Krieger-Weston ('90, '91), Jill Brock ('93, '95, '96), Teddy Reed ('94)
Perhaps he's “darkly dreaming” of winning one day. Walter White ('08, '09, '10), Eric Taylor ('11)
Character InfoCharacterDefeated by (year)
Character who spent the most episodes trying to save lives at County General Hospital. Henry Bone ('95, '96), Philip Watters ('97), Greg Medavoy ('98), Jimmy Berluti ('99)
His show and co-stars were richly rewarded, but the president himself never took home the gold. Tony Soprano ('00, '01, '03), Vic Mackey ('02), Alan Shore ('04, '05), Jack Bauer ('06)
Captain of Greenwich Village police station. Ed Brown ('76), Archie Bunker ('77, '78, '79), Burt Campbell ('80), Alex Reiger ('81), Hawkeye Pierce ('82)
Her TV husband went on to cook meth and soak up Emmys. Debra Barone ('00, '01), Rachel Green ('02), Grace Adler ('03), Carrie Bradshaw ('04), Lynette Scavo ('05), Christine Campbell ('06)
Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and... Karen Walker ('00), Marie Barone ('01, '02, '03), Miranda Hobbes ('04)
Time traveler with the same name as a revered Irish author. Lt. Columbo ('90), Gabriel Bird ('91), Alistair Dimple ('92), Jimmy Brock ('93)
When they moved on up (to the east side), they hired her as a maid. Doreen Lewis ('81), Margaret Houlihan ('82), Simka Dablitz ('83), Carla Tortelli ('84, '85)
He'll find out what's wrong with you, but he's not going to be nice about it. Alan Shore ('05, '07), Walter White ('08, '09, '10), Eric Taylor ('11)
Psychiatrist for a gangster (who won three Emmys himself). Carmela Soprano ('99, '01), Lily Manning ('00), Izzie Stevens ('07)
Sterling Cooper _____ Price Walter White ('08, '09, '10), Eric Taylor ('11)

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