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ACTUALLY, the Scots didn't start wearing kilts until several hundred years after the film takes place.Braveheart
ACTUALLY, the team of students that counted cards and won big bucks at Vegas casinos was predominantly Asian, not Caucasian.21
ACTUALLY, the “gentle giant” at the center of the movie did not need to be taught American football, nor did he need to be toughened up by his supposedly saintly benefactors.The Blind Side
ACTUALLY, the ship's first officer never shot two innocent men out of panic before turning his pistol on himself. Indeed, the director later apologized on the DVD commentary. Titanic
ACTUALLY, the head football coach wasn't a jerk. He really wanted the little underdog to play, and in fact was the one to suggest it. Rudy
ACTUALLY, the protagonist was certainly hateful towards Jews and Poles. He and his partners sought to kill their leader primarily because they believed they would lose the war.Valkyrie
ACTUALLY, the protagonist was an alcoholic prone to anti-Semitic rants, and he never spoke at his Nobel Prize ceremony. He also had numerous affairs with young men.A Beautiful Mind
ACTUALLY, the emperor was all too happy to have his son take over, and his son ruled for 13 years. The son was not passed over for a general.Gladiator
ACTUALLY, the former president made no such late night phone call.Frost/Nixon
ACTUALLY, the no-nonsense teacher protagonist used contemporary hip-hop to reach her students, not Dylan and other such older artists.Dangerous Minds
Inaccuracies Movie % Correct
ACTUALLY, the WWII submarine crew that mounted a daring mission to capture a German submarine was British, not American.U-571
ACTUALLY, although the antagonist did kill a man in the ring, he was not a gleeful thug, and he felt guilty about it for the rest of his life.Cinderella Man
ACTUALLY, the title character's 1964 boxing match was lost fair and square, not because of insidious racism. (Not that he didn't suffer at the hands of a racist system, though.)The Hurricane
ACTUALLY, the central relationship between the deceitful young protagonist and his father was invented for the film. They never spoke after his parents' divorce.Catch Me If You Can
ACTUALLY, although the charismatic villain was very much a real person, he was also very much dead eight years before the Draft Riots depicted in the film took place. Gangs of New York
ACTUALLY, the playwright protagonist did not reserve 25 seats on the opening night of his new show for local orphans. (It sure makes for a cute moment, though.) Finding Neverland
ACTUALLY, the domineering drug lord of the film was functionally illiterate. American Gangster
ACTUALLY, the scientist of the film's title was not disgusted by the unapologetic pedophile he encounters during his studies, but was instead fascinated by him.Kinsey
ACTUALLY, the protagonist's legendary Carnegie Hall show did not occur just before his death, but several years earlier, at the peak of his mainstream success.Man On The Moon
ACTUALLY, Genghis Khan was from modern-day Mongolia. Not the Midwestern US. (Sigh)The Conqueror

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