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Was that Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a boy who sees celestial beings helping a baseball team? (And was that Matthew McConaughey and Adrien Brody on the team, too?) Angels In The Outfield
Was that Gwyneth Paltrow as the young Wendy who finally decided to grow older?Hook
Was that Jessica Alba as one of the “popular girls” in this comedy about a former ugly duckling who returns to high school “undercover?”Never Been Kissed
Was that Vince Vaughn as the unkind halfback who finally has a change of heart to let the little guy play in the final game? Rudy
Was that Seth Rogen as a bully in this odd, dark film about a troubled teenager with an alliterative name?Donnie Darko
Was that Rachel McAdams as the title character? Man, I sure wish we'd spent ninety minutes with her instead of with Rob Schneider pretending to be her. The Hot Chick
Was that Kristen Stewart as the daughter of another former child star in this home invasion flick? Panic Room
Was that Amy Poehler as the Tourette's-afflicted client of Rob Schneider? Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo
Was that Hugh Laurie as one of the bumbling goons in this live-action Disney remake?101 Dalmatians
Was that Jack Black as the hero's soldier brother who screams, in vain, “Die, you alien s***heads?” (And was that Natalie Portman, too?) Mars Attacks
Actor and Info Movie % Correct
*Was that Christian Bale as the young Thomas, who shoots Kokoum and ignites a war between the natives and the settlers?Pocahontas
Was that Nathan Fillion as the namesake of the title character who is mistakenly told his siblings are dead?Saving Private Ryan
Was that Jon Stewart as the Enhancement Smoker in this, shall we say, uplifting comedy?Half-Baked
Was that Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) as the “fast-food knight” in this New Jersey quirkfest?Garden State
Was that Jake Gyllenhaal as the protagonist's son in this comedy about urban dwellers out of their element?City Slickers
*Was that Vin Diesel as the title character, who sacrifices himself to save his young friend Hogarth?The Iron Giant
Was that Philip Seymour Hoffman as the pampered prep school student who tries to throw young Charlie under the bus, only to see him saved by a very loud colonel?Scent Of A Woman
Was that Kate Winslet as the older princess in this “update” on Mark Twain's tale of a Connecticut Yankee? (And was that Daniel Craig, too?) A Kid In King Arthur's Court
Was that Terry O'Quinn (Locke) as a very non-DiCaprio Howard Hughes? The Rocketeer
Was that Scarlett Johansson as the adoptive sister of the title character in this movie that Roger **** “hated, hated, hated?”North

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