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Can you name the TV characters by the reason they left their shows?

Quiz Updated Jul 11, 2012

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Reason (Network, Year)Character NameShow
Death: Heart attack (actor murdered) (NBC, 1998)
Acting program in London (Fox, 1994)
Rebellious teen became a flight attendant (WB, 2002)
Exiled to Staten Island (NBC, 1995)
Death: Brain tumor (NBC, 2002)
Moved to Washington, D.C. to become an environmental lobbyist (ABC, 2000)
Dropped out of the show's historically black college (NBC, 1988)
Joined the U.S. Army (ABC, 1980)
Retired after helping catch the Dick and Jane Killer's accomplice (CBS, 2009)
Writing a book called “Jocasta's Conundrum” (NBC, 1987)
Abducted by aliens (temporarily) (Fox, 2000)
Death: Electric Shock/Car Accident (ABC, 2009)
Death: Shot down over the Sea of Japan (CBS, 1975)
Death: Shot by double agent Ari Haswari (CBS, 2005)
Accepted a faculty position at UCLA (CBS, 1978)
Feared he had become the type of lawyer he resented (ABC, 2003)
Death: Suicide by gunshot (Fox, 2009)
School trip (yes, seriously) to Costa Rica (ABC, 1998)
Retreats to his cabin due to emotional trauma (CBS, 2007)
Teaching English in Africa (Fox, 2005)

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