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What is one country under the unitary system?
Name another unitary country
What is one country under the federal system?
Name another federal country
Which court case outlawed literacy tests and grandfather clauses?
Who had a NY state license in Gibbon vs. Ogden
Who had a federal license?
Name one ennumeratedexpressed power of the federal government
name another ennumerated/expressed power
name one inherent power
Name one reserved state power
Name another reserved state power
What is the driving age in montana?
Which state served as a testing ground for unemployment compensation?
What is an example of the South's reaction to the tariff of abominations?
When was the first income tax made?to pay for war costs
which act allows the use of military to enforce civil war amendments?
which act makes it a federal crime to interfere with another citizens constitutional rights?
Which era of federalism is called ' Layer Cake Federalism'
Which era of federalism is called ' Marble Cake Federalism'?
Which era of federalism is called ' Picket Fence Federalism'
What are the vertical boards?
what are the horizontal boards?
What is the theme of New Federalism
Which tool of new federalism gave the states the least freedom
Which tool of new federalism gave the states the most freedom?
What is it called when the National Government disguises a categorical grant as a block grant?
what is it called when the natiional government makes funding in a particular department contingent upon states support in an unrelated area?
what is it called when the national government says ' do this, or we wont fund any of your projects'
Which supreme court made the national bank contitutional?
Which supreme court case outlawed federal mandates?
Which act enhanced federal wiretapping abilities
Which state took away civil liberties during the civil war?
What is the way in which states interact called?
Which cluase requires each state to respect the laws of other states?
what is the expection to the full faith and credit clause/
Name a state not in the driver licennse compact?
name another state not in the drivers license compact?
Name a state the has legallized same gender marraige
name another state that has legalized same gender marraiges
Which amendment outlawed slavery?
which amendment guarantees equal protection under the law?
Which amendment guarantees universal sufferage?
which amendment gives the direct election of senators?
Which amendment gives the reserved powers to the states?
which amendment outlaws poll taxes?
what is the most important function of congress?
questionansweradditional info
what is it called when congressmen agree to support a bill in exchange for future support on thier bill?
What do you call additions to a bill to direct public funds or tax exemptions?
what do you call spending intended to benefit consituents in exchange for political support?
what do you call service to constitutents?
what do you call when a congressperson who interseeds with other gov. adgencies to help constitutents?
which viewpoint represents when reps. act as trustees to the whole countrie
which viewpoint represents when reps. act for thier district?
which viewpoint represents when they consider needs of campaign contributors
What is one method of oversight?
How does congress conduct public education?
which amendment gave D.C. 3 non voting seats?
wat is the estimated house size to implement the Wyoming Rule?
which house can conduct impeachment trial
which house can conduct removal trials?
How many seats must the minority part have to guarantee the defeat of a bill thru fillibustering?
How many seats must the majority party have to guarantee the passage of a bill?
what percent supermajority is needed to ratify a treaty?
which ammendment limitied the president to 2 four year terms?
the ___ smallest states are guaranteed one representitive
How many seats would the house have if they implemented the wyoming rule?
how many people live in wyoming?
Which court case force legislatures to draw districts of equal population?
which state was in question during this case?
Which court case somewhat outlawed gerrymandering?
Which two states were forced to redistrict after minority-majoirity districts were found unconstitutional?
What was the average pay for a congressman in 2001?
Which priviliges allow congressmen to use the mail for free?
which clause says that congressman cant be charged with slander/libel for official regards?
Who is the head of the house rules commitee?
What is the democrating commitee in charge of making commitee selections?
what is the republical commitee in charge of commitee selection?
who was the tie breaking VP in 2000 in the senate?
Which senator defected from republican to independant?
Who is the current speaker of the house?
Who is the current House Majority Leader?
WHo is the current House minority leader?
Who is the current president of the senate?
who is the current president pro-tem
Who is the current senate majority leader?
who is the current senate minority leader?
Who has gatekeeping rights in the senate?
Who ( position) is 2nd in line for the presidency?
Who ( position) is 3nd in line for the presidency?
what kind of bill must originate in the house?
what is it called when a bill is assigned to mulitpple commitees?
in which chamber must the bill be germane?
what is it called when the commitee refuses to release the bill for voting?
questionansweradditional info
Which house commitee has gatekeeping rights?
how many house members must be present to start debate?
how mnay house members must be present to vote?
How many senators must be present for debate and voting?
what do you call amendments added to a bill to increase chance of passage?
what do you call a popular bill with alot of riders?
what do you call when the president ignores a bill and it dies because congress adjourns legislative session?
in what year did congress start requiring the president to prepare an official budget?
Untill what year was the president allowed to impound funds, thereby killing programs he disapproved of?
how long before the fiscal does the exectutive branch start preparing the budget?
which exectuive adgency deals with budget reviews?
by what month must the president approve the budget and send it to congress?
what do you call a spending bill that indicates a certain amound of funds MAY be able to an adgency?
In which month is the 1st budget resolution passes?
in which month is the 2nd budget resolution passes?
what do you call when congress does not pass a budget and adgencies operate under the same funding?
where is one place that interest groups seek to input influence?
When do interest groups fail
what is a pressure point?
which ammendment protects the right to assemble in protest?
Who said this: ' in no country of the world has the principle of association been more commonly used or applied to a greater multitue of objectives than in america'?
Which famous federalism loved the idea of interest groups because they prevented oppresive tyranny?
Name one common interest group or association
Name another
What is the precursor of interest groups?
What is an example of a social movement that later became an interest group?
name one organization that came out of the civil rights movement?
Name one major sector of people working to influence the government
What do you call interest groups that represent collections of busniesses or people?
Name an umbrella group
Which sector is successful because of their geographic diversity?
Name one labor related interest group
Which sector deals with providing services such as banking health care and education?
name one professional interest group?
which profession has the advantage of sharing thier job with many members of congress?
name one group that does not have an interest group to represent them?
Name one environmental interest group
What is the name of Ralph Nader's book that exposed the flaws of the GM engine?
Name one conservative public interest group that sprung up in response to Nader organizations
Name one single interest, interest group
name one foreign trade partner that lobbys for trade interests
Which lobbying approach uses constituents to write large amounts of letters, phone calls, emails?
which lobbyling approach uses infulential constitutents to influence congressmen?
which congressional act forced lobbyists to register in order to try and limit lobbying?
Which congressional act limited the amount of money lobbyists or groups could give congressmen to try and control lobbying?

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