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Who got eliminated on the episode ‘’Face face face of Cakes”?
Who wasn't present for the opening number of the finale of season 4?
Who was the 11th placed Queen in RPDR season 2?
Tatianna and Alyssa Edwards Lip synced to which song?
Name all nine miss congenialities by order.
Which character did Phi Phi O’hara play on ‘’Baddest Bitch in Herstory’’
Which dancing styles did Katya and Violet have on the Prancing Queens episode?
Who was the only Queen not to appear on the Reunited episode from “her season”
Only one winner won two Main-Challenges in a row.
Who told Alyssa Edwards she had Back Rolls?
Which drag-influenced product did Katya design and market on the ‘’Drag Fish Tank’’ episode?
Who was the 7th Queen to be on top 3 without ever lip syncing?
“I wanted to to avoid hugs because of tears”
Name the Queens who wore kimonos on the “Iconic Madonna Looks” on season 8? (by alphabetical order)
Santino Rice gave this queen the title of worst dress he's ever seen
Who impersonated Imelda Marcos on “Snatch Game”?
Who did Milan play on Snatch Game?
Who was the first Queen to break a lamp on the runway during a Lip Sync?
Who made it to Top 3 Twice without ever winning a Challenge?
What colour was Jiggly Caliente’s boat on the “Float Your Boat” episode?
Which Queen stomped the runway on stilts?
The winner of the first season won a lifetime supply of?
Name a Queen born in Puerto Rico (Season 6)
What did Aja say during her Werk Room entrance?
Name the first Queen to win a Mini-Challenge in season 4
Her ego is about as fragile as her private parts
Who said 'I’m going to be the black horse of this competition'
Only two Queens lost a lip sync to the same Queen twice. Who?
Besides Bebe Zahara Benet and Courtney Act name the other 4 international Queens excluding Puerto Rico (by alphabetical order).
Name a Queen born in Puerto Rico (Season 7)
Who did Robbie Turner give a design challenge from seasons past “Sugar Ball outfit” to?
Alaska’s real name?
Who lip synced for their life to the music ‘Stronger’ on RPDR season 1?
Name a Queen born in Puerto Rico (Season 3)
Rupaul has a moustache on which seasons of Untucked?
Two Queens were on 3 lip syncs and didn't eliminate no-one who?
RuPaul dedicated All Stars 1 episode 1 to which Queen?
On what season did the eliminated Queens start taking home a RuPaul ‘Drag Race’ maquette?
Who wore Lady Gaga’s look on the VMA 2009?
Which Queen inspired Rupaul's hit “Lady Boy”?
What character did Valentina play on “Kardashian the Musical”?
What’s Rupaul’s full name?
In which season did the Queens found out the tops/bottoms/safes in a suitcase with heels or no heels?
Who won the Mini-Challenge on season 4 where in pairs, the Queens painted each other's face while handcuffed to one another and post for a mug shot photoshoot?
Who gave birth entering the Work Room?
She’s big as a Lake
Who did the guest judge Adam Lambert think was gorgeous?
Name the 3 Queens who went home without lip syncing?
Besides Ivy Winters, on Untucked, who impersonated Aubrey O’Days eyes on Season 5?
Which season was Santino Rice’s lost season as a Judge
Which Queen appeared on Rihanna and Lady Gaga music video?
What parody movie sequel did Phi Phi O’hara and Roxxxy Andrews do?
Who got dunked the most on the “Dunk-A-Queen” Mini-Challenge on season 3?
Name a Queen born in Puerto Rico (Season 4)
Who sang ‘’Alexis Mateo your look is really ghetto, Yara Sofia you give us diarrhea’’
Who wouldn’t Adore absolutely want to work with in season 6?
What’s the longest Season ever?
On the “Absolut Drag Ball” episode which flavored vodka did Bebe Zahara Benet have?
On the “Wizards of Drag” (season 8) who played the Scarecrow?
Pearl’s real name?
Name a Queen born in Puerto Rico (Season 1)
Who's the Queen with the most Mini-Challenge wins?
None of the 113 Queens have a name beginning with which 4 letters?
Name a Queen born in Puerto Rico (Season 3)
Who called Detox Venus D-Lite on All Stars 2?
Two seasons where all top 7 won at least one Challenge
Name the Queen whose associated with the character “Carey”
Shangela has appeared in 4 seasons of Drag Race, which ones?
Who won the first episode ever from RPDR?
Who’s Nicole Paige Brooks drag daughter?
Who did Tatianna impersonate on “Snatch Game” All Stars 2
Name a Queen born in Puerto Rico (Season 4)
On the second episode of season 2 “Starrbootylicious” which two Queens brought the least amount of money?
Who’s Darienne Lakes drag daughter?
Who won the episode “Frenemies” on season 4?
Name a Queen born in Puerto Rico (Season 2)
True or False? Every winner of the Makeover Challenge has made it to Top 3
What year did RPDR start?
On the Glitter Ball (season 6) episode Bianca del Rio wore which Jewel Tone Gem?
What cake was Stacy Layne Matthews outfit inspired on the ‘’Face face face of Cakes” episode?
Which Queen unfortunately could not be reborn from the ashes?
What's the theme song playing during the runway on All Stars 1?
Who was the first Queen to get eliminated on the first episode of season 9?
On the Shady Politics episode (season 8) Mini-Challenge how many Pit Crew members were on the bottom bunk bed?
“Eggs eggs eggs” is inspired in which John Watter’s movie?
Complete: “You’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista… You’re a model. _______________________. Did you stone those tights? Oh you’re smiling!”
Which contestant from season 2 was chosen via online casting?
Who paired the Queens with a dog to use as inspiration for the Main Challenge of the “Fabulous Bitch Ball” episode on season 4?
To the finale of season 8 to whom did Trixie Mattel say “On untucked did or did you not come for me?
Bob The Drag Queen played who on the Puppet Mini-challenge?
She was on two double eliminations and wasn't sent home on both of them
What’s Trinity Taylor’s princess name on “Draggily Ever After” episode?
Name a Queen born in Puerto Rico (Season 8/9)
Besides Phi Phi O’Hara and Alyssa Edwards, what other girls from All Stars 2 gave Harvey Fierstein a surprise musical performance of ‘I Am What I Am’
Michelle Visage told which Queen that she “contoured a beard on her face”
Besides Jade, Jasmine Masters, Magnolia Crawford, Milk, Pearl and Violet Chachki what other two Queens have a colour on her name?
Which music genre did Carmen Carrera choose for herself on the ‘’Rupaul-a-palooza’’ episode?
Who was the first queen to enter the Werk Room on season 2?
Who was the 100th Queen to enter the Werk Room?
Who said “C’mon All Stars let's get… this over with”
Which Queens French kissed on season 9
Who said ‘’Category is: Cheesecake’’
Who said 'nobody says that'
One of the winners, did not win any main challenge on the first four weeks. Who?
On the Super Troopers episode from season 5, name the Queen transformed by Alaska
On the “Girl Groups” episode who were the other three Queens to be on Ongina’s group?
Who did the Queens interview on the “Good Morning Bitches” episode season 9?

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