Buffy Episodes by Summary

Can you name the Episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer based on a Short Synopsis?

Buffy arrives in SunnydaleSeason 1
Buffy has to stop LukeSeason 1
Buffy tries out for cheerleadingSeason 1
Buffy saves virgins from bug-ladySeason 1
Buffy tries to date a normal guySeason 1
Xander is turned into a hyenaSeason 1
Buffy learns the truth about her beauSeason 1
Willow tries online datingSeason 1
Buffy hunts down ventriloquistsSeason 1
Everyone faces their worst fearsSeason 1
Cordelia meets the invisible girlSeason 1
Buffy dies on dance nightSeason 1
Buffy hunts down the Master's bonesSeason 2
Science students try to build a girlfriendSeason 2
Spike and Drusilla roll into townSeason 2
Xander falls for Buffy's new exchange studentSeason 2
Buffy and Cordelia are almost frat-sacrificedSeason 2
Everyone turns into their costumesSeason 2
Buffy's old friend with cancer moves to townSeason 2
Giles' demon chum Eyghon comes to visitSeason 2
Buffy tries to pick a careerSeason 2
Kendra teams up with the ScoobiesSeason 2
John Ritter romances Buffy's momSeason 2
The school's new parenting class unearths a BezoarSeason 2
Buffy loses it on her birthdaySeason 2
Angel turns into a monsterSeason 2
Oz becomes a werewolfSeason 2
Amy tries a love spellSeason 2
Jenny meets her end at Angelus' handsSeason 2
Buffy visits the hospitalSeason 2
Buffy and Angel wind up in the 50'sSeason 2
Xander tries out for the swim teamSeason 2
Angel tries to end the worldSeason 2
Buffy has to kill her manSeason 2
So Buffy's working as a waitress...Season 3
Buffy returns home to a killer shindigSeason 3
The third Slayer comes to townSeason 3
Oz and Angel get blamed for mysterious deathsSeason 3
Buffy runs for Queen against CordeliaSeason 3
Joyce & Giles get it onSeason 3
Faith's new Watcher shows up (she's a fake)Season 3
Spike kidnaps Willow to win back DruSeason 3
Anya shows up and changes everythingSeason 3
Angel is tormented by the First EvilSeason 3
Joyce and Shiela start up M.O.O.Season 3
Buffy is left with no powers on her birthdaySeason 3
Xander loses his virginitySeason 3
Buffy and Faith hit the townSeason 3
Faith tries to blame Buffy for murderSeason 3
Vampire Willow returns!Season 3
Faith tries to turn Angel from BuffySeason 3
Buffy gets telepathySeason 3
The Mayor is after this box...Season 3
Buffy gets the Class Protector AwardSeason 3
The gang prepares for the last day of classSeason 3
and then blow up the school.Season 3
Buffy tries out the college lifeSeason 4
Buffy wants to kill her roommateSeason 4
Spike and Harmony find a magic ringSeason 4
The gang checks out a haunted frat houseSeason 4
Alcohol turns everyone into a cave dwellerSeason 4
A skanky new werewolf makes her move on OzSeason 4
Spike gets kidnapped by the soldier boysSeason 4
Everyone enjoys a nice ThanksgivingSeason 4
Willow's love spell gets Spike & Buffy engagedSeason 4
Everyone loses their voicesSeason 4
Riley checks out Sunnydale High's ruinsSeason 4
Giles gets turned into a demonSeason 4
Buffy joins the InitiativeSeason 4
Riley meets Adam (who kills Prof Walsh)Season 4
Faith wakes up from her coma Season 4
Buffy tries to get her body backSeason 4
Jonathan becomes super-popularSeason 4
Buffy and Riley become a sex batterySeason 4
Oz returns and makes a startling discoverySeason 4
Spike tries to split up the team with rumorsSeason 4
Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles merge into a Super SlayerSeason 4
The First Slayer haunts the Scoobies' dreamsSeason 4
Buffy shows down against the most famous vampire of all timeSeason 5
Buffy meets her new sisterSeason 5
A duplicate tries to take over Xander's lifeSeason 5
Riley and Spike have surgerySeason 5
Glory arrives on the town in search of the KeySeason 5
Tara thinks she might be a demonSeason 5
Spike tells the story of his life (and jacket!)Season 5
Glory sends a giant snake after the KeySeason 5
Joyce is stalked by an alienSeason 5
Riley leaves for South AmericaSeason 5
Olaf the Troll is releasedSeason 5
The Watcher's Council arrives to test BuffySeason 5
Dawn discovers she's really the KeySeason 5
Drusilla returns to town to tempt SpikeSeason 5
Warren the nerd builds a girlfriendSeason 5
Buffy finds a surprise on her couchSeason 5
Dawn tries to resurrect her motherSeason 5
Buffybot gets it on with SpikeSeason 5
Willow goes dark and Tara goes crazySeason 5
The gang rents an RV and runs awaySeason 5
Willow journeys into Buffy's mindSeason 5
Buffy dies (again)Season 5
Sunnydale is terrorized by demonsSeason 6
Buffy is resurrected by the gangSeason 6
Something else came back with BuffySeason 6
Buffy tries to make household repairsSeason 6
Buffy is tormented by the TrioSeason 6
Dawn has her first kiss (and it's a vamp!)Season 6
Everybody sings!Season 6
Willow gives everyone amnesiaSeason 6
Amy gets de-ratted to party with WillowSeason 6
Willow visits a magick pusher named RackSeason 6
Buffy gets a haircut (and turns invisible)Season 6
Buffy gets a fast food jobSeason 6
The Trio frame Buffy for murdering Warren's exSeason 6
Buffy gets trapped in her house on her b-daySeason 6
Riley comes back (with his wife!)Season 6
Xander leaves Anya at the altarSeason 6
Buffy thinks she might be crazySeason 6
Anya & Spike hook up, plus Willow & Tara reuniteSeason 6
Buffy destroys the Trio's magic ballsSeason 6
Warren gets his revenge on Buffy... and TaraSeason 6
Dark Willow hunts down the surviving nerdsSeason 6
Dark Willow tries to destroy the worldSeason 6
Dawn starts high schoolSeason 7
Spike hangs out in the basementSeason 7
Willow returns from EnglandSeason 7
Buffy tries to be a guidance counselorSeason 7
Anya's life story is finally revealedSeason 7
All the girls fall for a high school boySeason 7
The First Evil chats up the gangSeason 7
Spike starts acting all murder-ySeason 7
Andrew returns from Mexico, winding up a prisonerSeason 7
Cue the Potential Slayers!Season 7
Buffy kills the UbervampSeason 7
Dawn thinks she might be a SlayerSeason 7
Willow and Warren make a switcherooSeason 7
Xander and Buffy try to improve their love livesSeason 7
Buffy meets the original Shadow MenSeason 7
Andrew makes a documentarySeason 7
Principal Wood finally explains his storySeason 7
Faith returns to take on CalebSeason 7
Buffy gets kicked off her own teamSeason 7
Everyone hooks up the night before the fightSeason 7
Buffy finds the Scythe (and Angel)Season 7
The gang changes the world foreverSeason 7
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