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QUIZ: Can you answer questions about bad wrestling gimmicks?

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Bob Holly was not always Hardcore, or just a sparkplug. This was his first name in the WWF
Johnny B. Badd carried a confetti gun that he called what?
WWE stable where Juventud Guerrera, Super Crazy, and Psicosis drove to the ring on riding lawn mowers.
Paul Diamond took over this futuristic gimmick when Konnan left the WWF
This WWF superstar competed in full hockey gear, even boots made to look like ice skates.
Big Vito was the 'Toughest Guy to Ever Wear....what?
The Hurricane formed a team with this wrestler of Samoan descent, training him to become a super hero.
Dustin Rhodes joined WCW as this creepy character who floated to the ring and enjoyed quiet nights outside of a kids bedroom window.
The Big Boss Man was not allowed to enforce justice in his usual prison guard uniform after joining WCW. So he joined another crime fighting organization and became known as...
This religious zealot came to WWE carrying a barbed wire cross on a mission to 'cleanse' the WWE
First he was Mosh, then he became this mother loving character before dropping it to be just Chaz
After Demolition split, Smash decided to ditch the leather and spikes, changing his attire to tights with tire marks on them and a mask known as
Near the end of WCW, veteran Brad Armstrong looked to change his style by dressing as a hippie and carrying protest signs. What was his new name?
Hulk Hogan promised that this was the man who was to lead Hulkamania into the 21st century.
Mike Awesome left ECW to go to WCW in 2000, soon adopting this out of style gimmick
This short lived tag team was comprised of a set of twins who were managed by fitness guru Simon Dean
What was the name of the toy horse carried around by Chavo Guerrero Jr during his WCW run?
What WWF superstar had a close relationship with 'Moppy' the mop
PJ Wallker donned a mask for this gimmick that was just incredible
With only a few appearences in the WWF, this mid 90s Magician character wasn't very spell binding
No longer that funny after the Dungeon of Doom disbanded, Hugh Morrus started his own faction called the Misfits In Action and using this as his new name?
This ventriloquist dummy carried by Paul Ellering was supposed to inspire The Legion of Doom
Shane Douglas and Johnny Ace wore way too much neon and rode skateboards to the ring as the ring as this team
This ECW original must have been on extended Rumspringa in order to team with 'Dastardly' Danny Doring for so long
This group was Savio Vega's answer to the Nation of Domination

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