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Forced Order
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You got all that in one day?
He hates me.
I take that as an invitation.
Why are you here now?
But it’s not that easy, the bad things stay with you.
Wherever you go, people die.
I'm drunk. Am I throwing myself at you?
Well, let's hope not. We both know how that ended.
I'm inappropriate, always say the wrong thing.
Crow's a bit much, don't you think?
It's not a competition, Caroline.
Best friend in the world.
Pete Wentz, huh? How old school TRL of you. Carson Daly fan?
I know that you can't change what you are.
Its a hot back!
They follow you. You can't escape them — as much as you want to.
I know. We have History together.
That’s “you dumped me but I’m too cool to show it but secretly I’m listening to Air Supply’s greatest hits.

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