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Can you name the players selected late in the MLB Amateur Draft that became solid Major Leaguers?

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Draft Year, Team, Round, and PositionPlayerMain Team, Position, Career Length
1987 - New York Yankees
48th round, 1152nd overall
Houston Astros
Catcher, 1993-Present
1967 - Atlanta Braves
26th round, 504th overall
Los Angeles Dodgers
Outfield, 1968-1986
1972 - Minnesota Twins
26th round, 596th overall
Minnesota Twins
Outfield, 1975-1978
1998 - Chicago White Sox
38th round, 1139th overall
Chicago White Sox
Starter, 2000-Present
1987 - Kansas City Royals
58th round, 1226th overall
Florida Marlins
First Base, 1990-2007
1969 - Kansas City Royals
75th round, 1028th overall
Kansas City Royals
Right Field, 1974-1986
1989 - California Angels
45th round, 1157th overall
California Angels
Outfield, 1992-2001
1970 - St. Louis Cardinals
29th round, 679th overall
St. Louis Cardinals
Starter, 1974-1986
1988 - California Angels
30th round, 767th overall
Detroit Tigers
Second Base, 1992-2008
1968 - St. Louis Cardinals
26th round, 594th overall
St. Louis Cardinals
Starter, 1974-1989
1996 - Atlanta Braves
53th round, 1512nd overall
Atlanta Braves
Second Base, 2001-2007
1969 - Cincinnati Reds
29th round, 682nd overall
Cincinnati Reds
Outfield, 1973-1991
1996 - Texas Rangers
31st round, 923rd overall
Cleveland Indians
Des. Hitter, 2002-Present
1971 - St. Louis Cardinals
42nd round, 785th overall
St. Louis Cardinals
First Baseman, 1974-1990
1976 - Cincinnati Reds
31st round, 668th overall
Los Angeles Dodgers
Reliever, 1980-1994
1997 - Toronto Blue Jays
43rd round, 1280th overall
Toronto Blue Jays
Second Base, 2002-Present
Draft Year, Team, Round, and PositionPlayerMain Team, Position, Career Length
1992 - Seattle Mariners
36th round, 1006th overall
Seattle Mariners
Left Field, 1996-Present
1991 - New York Mets
44th round, 1157th overall
St. Louis Cardinals
Reliever, 1995-2009
1987 - Houston Astros
30th round, 782nd overall
Houston Astros
Starter, 1991-2002
1994 - Minnesota Twins
26th round, 715th overall
Minnesota Twins
Third Base, 1998-2006
1994 - Houston Astros
43rd round, 1193th overall
Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Shortstop, 2000-Present
1970 - St. Louis Cardinals
37th round, 811th overall
Philadelphia Phillies
Outfield, 1973-1983
1970 - New York Yankees
30th round, 700th overall
Texas Rangers
Starter, 1972-1982
1987 - Texas Rangers
32nd round, 831st overall
San Francisco Giants
Reliever, 1993-2002
1988 - L. A. Dodgers
62nd round, 1390th overall
New York Mets
Catcher, 1992-2007
1986 - Pittsburgh Pirates
26th round, 644th overall
New York Mets
Starter, 1988-2003
1994 - Detroit Tigers
28th round, 781st overall
Los Angeles Dodgers
Outfield, 1999-2008
1982 - Texas Rangers
39th round, 816th overall
Texas Rangers
Starter, 1989-2008
1997 - Anaheim Angels
38th round, 1137th overall
Los Angeles Angels
Reliever, 2001-Present
1980 - Texas Rangers
33rd round, 763rd overall
Detroit Tigers
Starter, 1982-1992
1988 - Toronto Blue Jays
28th round, 732nd overall
Toronto Blue Jays
Starter, 1993-2007
1989 - L. A. Dodgers
43rd round, 1123rd overall
Colorado Rockies
Second Base, 1992-2006

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