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HintAnswerExtra information
Who does Jaime take with him to Riverrun?Once touched the sword ice
Who does Tyrion suggest Cersei has been...playing with.;) jaime? 3 people (1 is questionable)
Ser Davos Seaworth's pirate friend?His fleet stays out of blackwater bay to watch any hidden fleets that may sneak up behind stannis and his army
Who has been kissed by fire?A song of snow and fire
Name Rhaegar Targaryens WifeM not T for the surname
Answer 5 has a son with what nickname?Thought to be dead, or is he really an imposter, oh the drama!
The Westerosi this son meets in ADWDSaved by jon connington from drowning
Tall gravedigger?'Kissed' by fire like the person in q4
Bran's direwolfA 'seasoned' direwolf
Jaime's nickname was 'earned' by killing....?Burn them All!!!
HintAnswerExtra information
Grandad Stark?- on, + ard
Iron warrior theon takes with him to Winterfell?Surname includes a three lettered part of the body
The Damphair?(Nitrogen (79%), oxygen (20%), co2(0.03%)) + on
The Sword of the morningEverday when you're walking down the street....
This Person's sister?Mother of Snow?
'Wherever **** go' Tyrion is apparently more like this person than jaime
The crippled flowerNo more for you!
The father of the crannogmen
A lover of a once imprisoned sand snake
Cersei's brother's brother's friend's wife

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