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Forced Order
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Which strategically important neutral island country did the UK invade on the 10th May 1940? Churchill became PM on this date. Sweet!
Which President of the USA had the longest time in office?
Who does David Tennant play in the fourth Harry Potter movie?
What is the third planet from the sun?
Where does the Pope live?
If you were born on the 29th April what star sign would you be?
Between 1 and 100, what is the highest prime number?
Who wrote Winnie the Pooh?
Who won strictly come dancing in the UK in 2008?
What is the highest grossing film worldwide?2nd Titanic 3rd Harry Potter 7 part 2
In the UK, who hosts the TV series 'Pointless'?Assistant is Richard Osman :)
Which country won the first football (soccer if you're American) world cup?Uruguay 4 - 2 Argentina
Who has won the most olympic gold medals?14
Who is the only Prime Minister of the UK to serve under 3 monarchs?George V, Edward VIII and George VI
What was Steve Jobs noted for?
Which American singer was married to Russell Brand?
What is 4^3?
How many consonants are there in the English language?
What creatures body does the Sphinx have?
What is the name of Sherlock Holmes sidekick?
What is the capital city of Croatia?
What is the most common pointless answer on 'Pointless'?
Which WW2 Commander was nicknamed the 'Desert Fox'?
Which actor's name is an anagram of 'Big Melons'?
Who discovered penicillin?
How many strings does a Ukulele have?
Which group had a top 10-album chart success with 'What's the story, morning glory'?
What is the International radio code word for the letter R?
Which country has the most time zones?11
Which year was a Queen's coronation and a dictators death?

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