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Can you name the characters on Verbotene Liebe from brief bios?

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Forced Order
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Brief BioVL Character
Con artist who uses wealthy older women to finance his lifestyle; hit by a car and declared brain dead
Pretended that Andi raped her in order to break up his relationship with Helena; former fiancée of Tristan; claims she had a threesome with a drunk Andi and Christian
Horse trainer; former boxer; married twice to husband Oliver; brother of Gregor
'Charming bad boy'; illegitimate son of Johannes von Lahnstein and Maria di Balbi; unknowingly falls in love with his own daughter, Kim
Daughter of Ludwig von Lahnstein, twin sister of Tristan, studies archaeology at the University of Heidelberg
Lydia breaks up with him, so he sleeps with her mother, who winds up pregnant; Lydia forgives and marries him anyway; currently married to Tanja
Obsessed with twin sister, Helena, and wants incestuous relationship with her; sets up her boyfriend to be charged with rape to get him out of the way
Matriarch of the Brandner family and, later, of the Lahnstein family
Came out as gay after falling in love with housemate Tom Seifert
Cousin of Gregor and Christian; finds love with Carla von Lahnstein
Mother of Jan and Julia; enemy of Tanja; apparently married while still a girl; presumed dead in a plane crash ten years before reappearing to visit her family in Spain
Brief BioVL Character
Close friend of Oliver and Christian; former art student; former construction worker; leaves for a time to pursue his dream of traveling the Panamerican Highway on motorcycle
Has an affair with stepmother, Cécile de Maron, and later marries her; heartbroken when she and their unborn son die in a car accident, becomes addicted to pain killers
Falls in love with Julia, not knowing she is his twin sister, and that they were separated at birth; he becomes a Catholic priest; assigned to Spain where Julia now lives
Great love of her life is twin brother, Jan; unable to resist him, leaves country and starts new life in Spain, marrying and raising a son; finally family reunites
Owner of coffee lounge NoLimits with husband Christian; nephew of Charlie and Lars
Fashion designer, just returned from New York; had crushes on Gregor and Christian before having an affair with Miriam Pesch
Father of Julia, Jan, Florian, and Susanne; owner of a construction company; goes to Spain to see his daughter; finds there also his son, and his first love, Clarissa
Brother of Christian; former call boy; former pilot; former owner of helicopter service
Golddigger and murderous vixen; married her stepson to get his inheritance, then killed him; kills anyone who gets in her way; vows to destroy Clarissa
Talented pianist; illegitimate daughter of Johannes von Lahnstein and his maid Elke Käppler; after marrying Leonard, the couple moves to Boston so she can study music

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