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Can you name the terms/answers from basic Judaism for each letter A-Z?

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Amatzah found by children during the Pesach seder
Britual male circumcision
Ceggy, yellow bread, usually braided, served on Shabbat and holidays
Da top-like toy used to play a traditional Hanukkah game
Ebeauty contest winner a.k.a. Hadassah (Heb) & Myrtle (Eng)
FMa Nishtanah
Ga writ of divorce
Hleader of the more liberal school of thought in the rabbinic period
Ipatriarch married to Rebekah
JIsraelite prince & his best friend who became the next king
Kprayer spoken over wine sanctifying Shabbat or a holiday
L'Happy New Year!'
Mritual bath for spiritual purification
Nsection of the Hebrew Bible containing the writings of the prophets
Othe World to Come
Pholiday commemorating the Israelites' Exodus from Egypt
QHebrew name for the book of Ecclesiastes, named after its author
Rmedieval scholar who wrote the definitive commentary on the Babylonian Talmud
Soldest and most basic Jewish prayer
Tthe Written Torah; what non-Jews call the Old Testament
UFather Abraham born and raised here
Vtraditionally, Hebrew is written without these
Wprohibited on Shabbat & certain holidays
YDay of Atonement; holiest day of the Jewish year
Zprimary writings in the mystical tradition of Kabbalah

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