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Coded DescriptionTown
Cuban capital
Thomas Jefferson's home
sounds like 'Pepsi-Cola'
Poseidon seashore
gimme a smooch
Robert Fulton's steam boat
'New Attitude' Patti
Alec, Daniel, Billy, or Stephen
hill of an animated explorer
Native American stream
pleasant-tasting H2O
26.2 mile race
movies made here
talk informally with a promiscuous woman
holy cumulonimbus
never called 'Leningrad'
no losses town
100 years
may be served hot with marshmallows
westerly breeze heights
Coded DescriptionTown
family house and adjoining land
'Mouse Mouth'
large upholstered sofa
'Pop! Goes the Weasel' bush
immune to icy weather
door opener + occidental
Roman Zeus
crazy lumber
'Fat Point'
the Douglas farm, near Hooterville
cold drink for Abraham's wife
see-through H2O
beauty company + green area
pleasant town
hello to Jacob's first wife
worship building veranda
French friend of mine
Dad + corny
New Zealand capital

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