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Can you name the Alabama Towns Disguised?

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Coded DescriptionTown
radiation counter
actress Doherty or an Irish river
singer Judy or a wreath/festoon of flowers
the Bard of Avon
tart apple
-ida & -bama are missing
agreeable orchard
like Community Chest, but orange
one of the Detroit Three
cicada + eating utensil
everything satisfactory
capable of being moved readily
sweet cracker
the Clintons' kid
actress Justice or British queen
US Secretary of State Hillary
they hold your money
Hawaiian fruit
upper limb powerful
poet Emily or actress Angie
Coded DescriptionTown
door-opener rock
killed by his brother
husband of Ruth
Remus' twin brother
large honeymaker
finish first in a race with little speed
fine bone china
young male + relatives
soup maker
overcooked cob food
sullen, sulky, or gloomy
strongman who refused to cut his hair
require pigmeat
bird's arm
Captain Kirk's vessel
palace + small fruit
o.j.-peddling Anita or Project Runway park
Robin Hood's hometown
brotherhood or communion
pursues town

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