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Can you name the games released in 1986?

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Breakout-like game where a spaceship shots energy balls at bricks.Taito
Adventure game, 3rd in its series, in which the main character escapes from a wizard and saves a kingdom.Sierra
Port of an arcade game. Guide a round object while avoiding obstacles.Atari
The first adventure of an angel with the very romantic name of 'Pit'.Nintendo
RPG, the first in what has become one of the best selling series in Japan.Enix
A whip-yielding hero must defeat a famous vampire.Konami
Adaptation of a hit movie starring Tom Cruise.Ocean Sotware
A strategy game influenced by Risk.Eon
A RPG (4th in its series) where the player aspires to become an avatar, by follwing 8 virtues.ORIGIN
While delivering newspapers to his customers, a boy must deal as much damage as possible to the houses of non-customers.Atari
Side-scrolling space shooter.Konami
A poorly-received comic-based movie becomes a video game starring a 'quack fu' master.Activision
Conversion from an arcade game, and vertically scrolling game where one or two players move through various terrains.SNK
Master Higgins must fight to rescue Princess Leilani.Hudson Soft
A bounty hunter fights pirates and their leader, the Mother Brain.Nintendo
Rockstar digs caves in search of diamonds, while avoiding monsters.Rockstar
A suggestive text adventure in which you must keep the enemies from enslaving humanity.Infocom
Blocks fall.AcademySoft
RPG where you must assemble the seven parts of the Destiny Wand.Interplay
The first adventure of a green-clad hero in Hyrule.Nintendo

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