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Can you name the words that contain doubled letters that are rarely found in pairs?

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MeaningAnswerThe doubled letters
African ant-eating mammalaa------
An Eastern market place---aa-
To hold back---hh---
Barbed metal object for catching fish---hh---
Two lines from the centre of a circle to its edge---ii
Japanese mushroom--ii----
Travelling quickly down a snow slope--ii--
A plane moving to its parking place---ii--
One who keeps the accounts---kk-----
A period of play in polo---kk-
MeaningAnswerThe doubled letters
Something that's thoroughly good--kk-
To have made a long journey---kk--
Masala curry--kk-
Something that is continuous------uu-
Where there is no air---uu-
To urge someone on---vv-
To diss a cleaner is to call them a---vv-
A European legless reptile---ww---
An insect that gives out light---ww---

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