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Can you name the words of foreigh origin that maintain their diacritical marks (i.e. û,é,å,etc.) in English?

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ClueDiacritical WordThe missing letters
An actor's part in a play or film-ô--
To think you've been there before-é-à --
Christmastime or a boy's name--ë-
A clear soup-------é
A village festival or garden party-ê--
An afternoon performance-----é-
Former name of the Democratic Republic of Congo--ï--
Pieces of fried bread in soup or salads---û---
A girl at her first 'society' outing-é-------
Wine that's not red or white but ... pink!---é
Ireland in GaelicÉ---
The wife's night attire (if only!)-é----é-
A funeral procession----è--
ClueDiacritical WordThe missing letters
A meat/liver paste, e.g. Brussels---é
A table assortment of many dishes--ö--å-----
The appearance of a room/its furnishings-é---
The best of the bunché----
A fighting crowd of total confusion-ê-é-
A baked fluffy egg dish------é
A day nursery for the kids--è---
A raised platform--ï-
The system of government or of work-é----
To set fire to a dish of food-----é
The complete collapse of your plan-é-â---
A cream-filled chocolate finger cake (mmm!)é-----

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