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This person spent lots of money on cars and a swimming pool, although he cannot drive or swim.
This person left The Sea Cadets in 1962 and took drum lessons from The Savage's drummer, Carlo Little.
This person started his own horror film production company called Slasher Films.
This person's real name is David Robert Jones, and he has different coloured eyes.
This person was sent to Oundle boarding school when he was 12, he also accidentally dropped a whole cup of tea on the bassist, whilst making a music video.
His first album was recorded in studio 3 at Abbey Road, at the same time, The Beatles were recording 'Lovely Rita', in Studio 2.
On 12 December 2003, he was knighted for Services to Music.
This perosn used to live at his girlfriend’s flat at 23 Brook Street, Mayfair, London. Today, an English Heritage ‘blue plaque’ is placed on this building to adorn his memory
This person plays the flute, and he has 2 older brothers, one of which is famous.
At the 1992 MTV Music Awards, this person spat on a piano he thought was Axl Rose's, he later found out that it Belonged to Elton John.
This person played the Harmonica, and he is the only person in his band whose name doesnt start with a 'J'.
This person drank 20 to 30 cups of tea or coffee every day.
This person threw someone out of the 2011 iTunes Festival for fighting. Saying, “You don’t come to my show and fight. You come to my show to dance!”
This person's birth name was John Simon Ritchie, he got his stage name from a friends hamster, who bit him.
Noel Gallagher calls this person Captain Rock.
This person loved cats, when he was on tour, he would call home just to talk to his cats.
Before his band made their first album, he wanted to use a stage name: 'James Phoenix.' the keyboardist told him, 'No way.'

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