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Can you name the Moves Learnable by the Pokemon Charmader (Gen V)?

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LevelMoveHint About Move
Start40 power. Inflicts damage with no secondary effect.
StartLower's foe's attack stat by one stage
7Small flames that deal damage and has 10% chance to burn target
10Lower's foe's accuracy by one stage
16Always deals 40 damage
19Lower's foe's speed by two stages
25Has 10% chance of burn and 10% chance of flinch
28Deals fire damage and damages adjacent foes
34Inflicts damage with high critical rate.
37Scorches foe with intense blast of fire. 10% chance of burn
43Traps foe for 4 - 5 turns in a vortex of fire
46Engulfs foe in an intense fire. Always leaves a burn
TMBoosts Attack and Accuracy by one stage each
TMSlashes with huge, sharp, dragon aligned claws
TMBadly poisons the foe
TMA move that changes type and power depending on IVs
TMBoosts fire moves for 5 turns. Solarbeam charges instantly
TMAllows user to evade all moves that turn. May fail if used in succession
TMDoes more damage the less the user likes the trainer
TMDoes more damage the more the user likes the trainer
TMTwo turn ground type semi - invulnerable move
TMAlso breaks any sort of barrier on foe's party
TMRaises user evasion by one stage
LevelMoveHint About Move
TMFoe is scorched with an intense blast of fire. 30% chance of burn
TMBoulders are thrown at the foe. Will reduce speed by one stage if it hits
TMThe user confounds the foe with speed. Will hit without fail
TMDeals twice damage if the user has a major status ailment
TMDeals fire damage and raises user speed by one stage
TMHeals all hitpoints of user, but user sleeps for two turns
TMIf foe is of the opposite gender, the foe becomes infatuated
TMDamages all foes. Deals double damage if two pokemon use it in a row
TMDeals damage and increases in power with consecutive turns
TMStrong fire attack that decreases Sp. Attack of the user by two stages
TMUser throws whatever item it is holding at the foe. Effect based on item held
TMWeak fire attack that burns any berry the foe is holding
TMA flame that inflicts a burn upon the foe
TMUser attacks foe with claws made of shadows. Increased critical hit ratio
TMA frenetic dance that raises attack by two stages
TMHuge bolders are thrown at all foes. 30% chance of flinching
TMIncrease's foe's attack by two stages, but causes confusion
TMCuts a quarter of the user's hitpoints, but creates a diversionary pokemon
TM/HM (Earlier Generations)Can be used to break rugged rocks
HMCan be used to cut down skinny trees
HMCan be used to push bolders
TutorAdded effects if used with the other variations of this move

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