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That's right, I'm the guy! The guy with a good attitude towards ____!
I'm sorry I caused all that ____. I didn't realize it was such a hideous disease.
How much do you think my ____ weighs? Like if I weighed it on the scale, you know if the angle was right?
Another win for the ____! I climb the D-Squash Ladder one rung at a time.
No, I am not crying, I am just thinking about ____. Wondering where he could be, who he is with, what is he thinking, is he thinking of me, and whether he will ever return one day.
But I hate ugly ____, Darcy! Oh, I hate ugly ____ with a passion you cannot begin to imagine!
I figured, how far could you coast on ____? Well, pretty far, actually!
If you roast `em all in a fondue pot, sure bet ya that they'll complain a lot. Whiny, whiny ____.
30 Helens Agree. ____ aren't for everyone.
Good evening and welcome to the pit of ____ darkness. Apparently, someone's opened a pit slightly darker than this one.

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