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After Being Kicked out of his former band, he created this power trio and has been crowned the King of Metal or just simply God. Their mascot is also a grusome beast.UK
After being kicked out of his now rival band, the founding member created this band and its skeleton mascotUSA
This Power Metal Band draws great inspiration from legendary authors, such as J. R. R. Tolkien, Stephen King and Michael Moorcock Germany
Once he was the lead guitarist for the Prince of Darkness but has since created this band and quit being 'Stoned and Drunk' USA
This band was a pioneer for American Thrash metal, with ripping riffs and insane blast beats. Just watch out, because you might get 'Caught In A Mosh'USA
This little known band mostly plays at small festivals like Bloodstock. Although, people say that this band will bring back the classic metal we all love.Sweden
Not one founding member remains in this band, but their long lasting singer is sure to 'Destroy The Orcs' with his epic vocals.Canada
This Band has made ground breaking music with their 3 guitarists, single pedal drummer, almost pro-football player bassist, pilot singer and the most well known band Mascot ever.UK
Despite their name, this band is far from being a Christian band. This band has also had more than one encounter with a band member falling ill to cancer.USA
This band was formed by two brothers in the 80's and has since been on more than one hiatus. They gained popularity when their frontman joined Nightwish, another Finnish band.Finland
You don't need a hint for this band, everyone knows them, metal fan or not.USA
This band got their name from a song by another band on this list. Being one of the most successful EastCoast thrash bands has defiantly gave this band a page in the book of ThrashUSA
All members in this band are of Armenian descent, they are known for their controversial and wacky songs, but they are currently on a hiatus. USA
This Finnish band is best known for using the violin and accordion in their music and also their cover of the disco song 'Rasputin'Finland
Comprised of middle aged metal heads, this band is considered the leader in New Wave of American Heavy Metal, since their successful 2004 (4th album) release.USA
This band has had only one constant member throughout its existence. Their mascot is named Set Abominae and a graphic novel might be written about him.USA
This band is the pioneer of power metal even though their drummer commited suicide by jumping in front of a train. They have also stayed loyal to their pumpkin mascot.Germany
This band is well known for their anti-religious lyrics. Many believe they are Satanists, but they are not.Also, One of their guitarists wears hockey shin guards for some reason...USA
This strange band has long songs with odd time signatures. They put lots of effort to merge music with visual arts. Also, their drummer's favourite shape is the unicursal hexagramUSA
This band broke up in 2003 with the hope of reuniting, until their Guitarist was murdered on stage. R.I.PUSA
They are the most popular Brazilian metal band. This band's name is Portuguese for 'grave'Brazil
This band fell into the New Wave British Heavy Metal genre. In 1998, their lead singer revealed his 'secret', which came as no surprise to fansUK

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