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Standard Book Of Spells-Grade 1PS
Swish and Flick!PS
Leg-Locker CursePS
'Neville, I'm really, really sorry about this.'PS
'Freshly caught Cornish pixies.'CoS
Disarming CharmCoS
'I said disarm only!'CoS
Finishes IncantationsCoS
'It might be invisible ink!'CoS
Lights up dark placesCoS
The only thing Lockhart's good forCoS
Used due to Peeves' anticsPoA
Repels waterPoA
Statue of a one-eyed witchPoA
Happy memoryPoA
Lights Out!PoA
;Bandages spun up Ron's leg'PoA
Used to move unconscious SnapePoA
Creates a flameGoF
Summoning CharmGoF
Voice AmplifierGoF
Reverts Voice to Normal VolumeGoF
The Dark MarkGoF
Stunning SpellGoF
Consciousness RegainedGoF
Shows the previous spell a wand performedGoF
Previous spell shown vanishesGoF
Fixes pretty much anythingGoF
Total controlGoF
Engorgement CharmGoF
'Pain' said Moody softly.GoF
Reverts the engorged object to original sizeGoF
'Only one known person has ever survived it'GoF
Harry's Boils CurseGoF
Malfoy's Teeth Engorgement CurseGoF
Weighing Fleur's WandGoF
Weighing Krum's WandGoF
Splits target objectGoF
Points wand to the NorthGoF
Used to blast things out the wayGoF
Slows down/Stops target from movingGoF
Used to clean things upOotP
Makes an object to float a few inches in the airOotP
The contents of Harry's potion vanishedOotP
Silences the targetOotP
Creates a PortkeyOotP
'I am about to attempt to break into your mind,'OotP
Shield CharmOotP
Ropes flew out of midair like thick snakes...OotP
Seals doors shutOotP
Clears airwaysHBP
Mends bonesHBP
Cleans a surface of dust, blood or other thingsHBP
'We ought to check that there's nothing odd about it.'HBP
Flock of BirdsHBP
Harry uses this on PeevesHBP
Interferes with hearingHBP
'Water,' croaked Dumbledore.HBP
Harry spat blood out of his mouth, pointed his wand at the falling sidecar, and yelled,DH
'________,' muttered Ron, pointing his wand at the low ceiling.DH
Causes things to blow upDH
Yaxley's Raining OfficeDH
Makes a duplicateDH
The chains clinked and withdrew into the arms of the chair.DH
The first of Hermione's protective enchantmentsDH
Ultimate Shield CharmDH
Repels MugglesDH
'I thought this belonged to that Perkins bloke at the ministry?'DH
The last of Hermione's protective enchantmentsDH
Reveals the presence of humansDH
She had blasted a hole in the sitting-room floorDH
The opposite of the spell with the hint, (n-vbl)DH
Blasting the ceiling apart to make way for the dragonDH
Used to Bewitch the Suits of Armour in HogwartsDH

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