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HintAnswerExtra Hint
Ponyboy's bestfriend in the ganghas black eyes
The only Soc who diesJohnny killed him
What poem does Johnny recite in the chuch?Look inside your memory banks
Johnny's saying to Ponyboy before he died
What is a Soc?
Soda's bestfriend since grade schoolplayed cards during one scene
Ponyboy's 'drunk-on-life' brotherloves to live
The roughest of the greasersgot killed as well
The other Soc that doesn't enjoy fightsguess real hard on this one
Ponyboy's lighter haired brotherShows of his muscles during the rumble
HintAnswerExtra Hint
Cherry's bestfriend saw her during the movie
The member of Bob and Randy's gangtried to drown Ponyboy
What is a greaser?
Ponyboy's english teacherassigns him a theme to write
Johnny and Ponyboy's favorite read
The man responsible of the kids in the churchTom and J.....
The guy that stepped up to face Darry He threw the first punch in the rumble
the only kind, female Soc in the bookHas 'cherry' red hair
the guy that says what he wants to be saidputs his 'two' scence in everything
the youngest Curtis brotherthe narrator and main character

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