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Protein hormone, from ant. pituitary, syst. circulation, target general effect & liver, protein synthesis & cell growth, in liver promote growth factors & glucose release
Cells located adjacent to seminiferous tubules in testes, target of Luteinizing hormone, produces androgens
Opening of fallopian tube to abdominal cavity, not attached to ovary, contains cilia to promote movement of ovum to uterus
Mature germ cell capable of participating in fertilization, male=sperm, female=ovum
Capillaries to hypothalamus, portal vein formation, capillaries of ant pituitary, return to venous circulation
Protein hormone, from ant. pituitary, syst. circulation, target adrenal cortex, stimulate glucocorticoid secretion, promote gland growth, control by CRH & cortisol
Union of gametes to form a zygote
Stage of Labor, head passes through cervix & baby delivered, mother pushes, initial respirations & appearance of baby
Hormone from posterior pituitary, in circulation, stimulates contractions in myometrium, milk let down in breasts
Male gonad, site of sperm production, contains seminiferous tubules, FSH & androgen stimulation, in scrotum, needs low temps
Thyroid Stimulating, Adrenocorticotropic, Follicle-Stimulating, Luteinizing, Prolactin, Growth Hormone, released by gland after stimulation by hypothalamus
FEMALE-hormone from ant. pituitary, in circulation, targets ovarian follicle, promotes ovulation, corpus luteum formation, control by GRH
Oxytocin, Antidiuretic Hormone, synthesized in hypothalamus and released by gland
Steroid Hormone, from adrenal cortex, in sys. circulation, general target, promotes metabolism, feedback to HP axis
Hormone from ant. pituitary, in circulation, targets glands of breast, stimulate milk production, control by inhibiting hormone, estrogen-progesteron inhibition, suckling at breast
Phase of Uterine cycle, necrosis of endometrium, low estrogen, low LH, low GRH, low progesterone, high FSH
Nuclear structure of CNS, gray matter, ant. & inf. to thalamus, post. to optic chiasm
Transport of sperm from tto urethra, part of spermatic cord, smooth muscle & peristalsis to move sperm, sympathetic effects
FEMALE-hormone from ant. pituitary, in circulation, targets ovarian follicle, follicle stimulation, control by GRH
Master gland, in sella turcica, ant. & post. divisions
End of ductus deferens, expansion next to prostate
Prolactin IF, Growth Hormone IF
Thyrotropin RF, Corticotropin RF, Gonadotropin RF, Prolactin RF, Growth Hormone RF
Peptide, from B-cells in islets of Langerhans, gen target, inc. cellular trans of glucose, lipogenesis, glycogen synth, dec blood sugar, control by blood sugar,symp NS, exercise
Peptide hormone, from hypothalamus, through HP portal system, target is ant. pituitary, effect is secretion of TSH, conrolled by CNS and Thyroid hormone feedback
Steroid hormone, from follicle & corpus luteum, in circulation, follicle growth& development, breast duct growth, adipose distribution, 2ndry sex characteristics, control by FSH&LH
Structure surrounding urethra, supplies 20-30% of seminal volume, empties to urethra
Amino Acid Deriv., tyrosine & iodine, conv. of thyroxin to triiodothyronine, from follicle of thyroid, in syst. circulation, free & protein bound, gen. target, promotes metabolism
MALE- From interstitial cell in testes, to circulation, to seminiferous tubules, accessory reproductive structures, 2ndary sex characteristics, genitalia growth, control by LH
Time and sequence of events from fertilization to birth
FEMALE-from ovaries, adrenal glands, by circulation, development of body hair, body growth, and sexual drive, conversion to female sex hormones
Giving birth (labor and delivery)
Hormone from hypothalamus, by portal system to ant. pituitary, LH & FSH release, control by CNS & feedback
MALE-Hormone from ant. pituitary, to syst. circulation, to interstitial tubule of testes, for production of androgens, control by GRH
Opening of endometrial cavity to vagina
Protein hormone, from ant. pituitary, through systemic circulation, targets follicle of thyroid gland, promotes gland growth, thyroid hormone synthesis & release, control by TRH
Peptide hormone, from hypothalamus, in HP Portal system, promote synt. & release of ACTH, control by CNS & cortisol
Luteinizing Hormone and Follicle Stimulating Hormone
Phase of Uterine Cycle, endometrium thickens, vessels & glands develop, prior to ovulation, GRH, LH, FSH, estrogen increase to spike
Period of life at which ability to reproduce begins
Middle layer of uterus, made of smooth muscle, contracts during labor and delivery
Organ that produces the gamete, male=testes, female=ovary
Cessation of menses, end of reproductive function
Peptide hormone, from hypothalamus, in HP axis, target anterior pituitary, inhibits release of Growth Hormone
Outer layer of uterus, peritoneum of abdomen
MALE-Hormone from ant. pituitary to sys. circulation, to seminiferous tubule, spermatozoa production, control by GRH
Phase of uterine cycle, maturation of endometrium, capable of implantation, glands mature
Phase of uterine cycle, FSH, LH, GRH decrease sharply, post ovulation, progesterone & estrogen levels elevated
Gland in retroperitoneal space, superior to kidney, source of glucocorticoids
Contains seminal fluid, adjacent to prostate, high fructose & prostaglandins, 60% of seminal volume, empties to ductus
Steroid hormone, from corpus luteum, in circulation, targets endometrium to enter secretory phase, breast gland formation, myometrium growth, control by corpus luteum survival
Inner wall of uterus, sheds during menses
Climax of uterine cycle, follicle ruptures and ovum exits ovary, GRH, FSH, LH, Estrogen spike, progesterone begins to increase
Attachment and embedding of the product of fertilization to the inner wall of the uterus
Peptide hormone, from hypothalamus, in HP axis, target ant. pituitary, stimulate release of growth hormone
Stage of Labor, placenta is delivered,uterus continually contracts to prevent blood loss, oxytocin secretion begins
Stage of Labor, contractions of myometrium begin, goal is to thin cervix and dilate
Located superior to testes, in scrotum, site of sperm maturation, removal of abnormal sperm, empties into ductus

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