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Fights for Tyrion in his trial for the Death of Joffrey
The name of Ned Stark's Sword
Serves as Tyrion's squire
Jon is the (blank number) commander of the Night's Watch
The would-be name of Daenerys' baby
The friend of Arya Stark murdered by the Hound
Winterfell's kennelmaster
Meaning of Valar Morghulis
God worshipped by Melisandre
Name of Tyrion's first love
Name of Arya's Direwolf
Sansa's nickname for Sir Dontos
Mother of Tyrion Lannister
Castle at the Wall at which Bran reaches
Given Name of the Blackfish
Craster's child who escapes with Samwell
Tells Jon to kill him to save himself
Last name of Master Illyrio
Nickname of Davos Seaworth
Name of Jon Snow's sword

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