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When Did...Movie
John Hurt Play Jesus?
Mike Myers Play a World War II General?
Sylvester Stallone Play A Super Villain?
John Goodman Play a One-Eyed Man?
Dennis Quaid Play the President?
Johnny Depp Play a Bank Robber?
Jim Carrey Play a World Famous Television Star?
Steve Buscemi Play a Funny Lookin' Guy?
Harvey Keitel Play the Devil?
Christian Bale Play a Magician?
When Did...Movie
Mel Gibson Play an Explorer?
Kenneth Branagh Play a Wizard?
Matt Damon Play a Texas Ranger?
James Earl Jones Play a White Guy?
Tom Hanks Play a Band Manager?
Albert Brooks Play a Government Official?
Leonardo DiCaprio Play the King of France?
Michael Keaton Play a Snowman?
Will Farrell Play a Playwright?
Tom Cruise Play a Vampire?

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