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Can you name the FlashForward Characters Based on Their FlashForwards?

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'I was figuring out what caused all this, all the names and places I saw on the board'
'I was with another man, I've never seen him before'
'I didn't see a damned thing'
'I was getting a prenatal sonogram... it was a little girl'
'I was on the toilet, reading the newspaper'
'My daughter was alive, I was with her'
'I was in London having a meeting about the Rutherford case when a bird flew into the window'
'I was in a house I didn't recognize and a woman was there, I didn't see her face'
'I saw myself being Drowned'
'There was a storm, and the horses were scared'
'I drempt there were no more good days'
'I was returning home to the United States'
'I was President of the United States'
'I was rocking leather pants, oh and I was black... like Oprah'
'He had a neck like an Ox, and my hands were wrapped around it... strangling him'
'It's my house too'

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