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My first order of business will be to demote Jim Halpert. So I will need a new number two. My ideal choice? Jack Bauer. But he is unavailable. Fictional. And overqualified...Dwight K. Schrutte
The only difference between me and a homeless man is this job. I will do whatever it takes to survive. Like I did when I was a homeless man... Creed Bratton
The Dundies are like a car wreck that you want to look away, but you have to stare at it because your boss is forcing you...Pam Halpert
Wow, that is really... hard. You really think you can go all day long? Well, you always left me satisfied and smiling, so...Jim Halpert
Darryl Philbin is the most complicated man that I have ever met. I mean, who says exactly what they're thinking? What kind of game is that? Kelly Kapoor
Well, happy birthday Jesus, sorry your party was so lame... Michael Scott
Yes, I put Michael in my wedding. It was the only way I could think of to get six weeks off for my honeymoon. No one else has ever gotten six weeks before...Phyllis Vance
My worst break-up was with Stacy. It was a Sunday morning, we were reading the paper, I said, Oh my god, I think the Eagles could clinch the NFC East. And she said that we're done.Kevin Malone
Michael, nine different people emailed me that photo, including my ex-wife and... we don't talk...Toby Flenderson
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Every little boy dreams of his fairytale wedding...Andy Bernard
All right! You want to have a kid? Let's have a f@#$ing kid! Jan Levinson
I wasn't really planning on leaving; all I wanted was a raise. How on earth did Michael call my bluff? Is he some sort of secret genius? [laughs] Sometimes I say crazy things...Stanley Hudson
My family was on a safari in Africa, and my cousin Mufasa was trampled to death by a pack of wildebeests. We all took it really hard, all of us kind of in the audience...Ryan Howard
I'm excited about doing the ad but I'm not really used to doing videos with so many people around...Meredith Palmer
The Dundies are kind of like a kid's birthday party, and you go, and there's really nothing for you to do there, but the kid's having a really good time, so you're kind of there.Oscar Martinez
We do safety training every year. Or after an accident. We've never made it a full year...Darryl Philbin
I don't want to blame anyone in particular; I think everyone's to blame...Angela Martin

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