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Forced Order
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Is it a Starbucks?
If only we were all wearing liscence plates...
We have two hamsters running a giant wheel in our secret underground lair...
Light, comma, sticks. As in those legs of yours
You taste like fish biscuits....
Let's look death in the face and say 'Whatever man, let's make our own luck'
Alright...give me the 7 iron...
A leader can't lead until he knows where he's going...
What did one snowman say to the other snowman?
I don't want my baby around liars Charlie...
Does anyone have a pen?!
I am so not moving to the rape caves...
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I know how to say 'faster' and 'idiot'....
The toilet still works...
It only ends once, anything before that is just progress...
Ille qui nos omnes servabit
I make it to the mainland too often so when I do, I like to indulge myself...
Being told what to do was my life for four years... I didn't like it much either...
Because... We have to go... Home

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