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Forced Order
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Who is the Physicist with an IQ of 187?
Who is the room mate of Sheldon Cooper?
Who is their neighbor?
Where does Penny work?
What is the name of Sheldon Cooper's mother?
What is the name of Leonard's mother?
Who is the Jewish aerospace engineer?
Who does he live with?
Who is the Indian Astrophysicist
What can Raj not do that everyone else can?
What state was the TV show filmed?
What state was Penny born and brought up in?
What is the name of Penny's tall ex boyfriend?
S1 E5 What does Sheldon Cooper dress as for the haloween party?
Who is Leonard's first actual girlfriend?
Who does Penny dislike out of the 4 boys?
What state does Sheldon Cooper's mother live in?
Who is the owner of the comic book store?
What city state did Sheldon travel to to get his action figure signed?
Who was supposed to sign his figure?
How many times does Sheldon knock on peoples doors?
Sheldon Cooper presents 'Fun with what'?
What is the name of Sheldon's girlfriend?
What is the name of Howard's girlfriend?
What scientist is Amy?
What country do Penny and Leonard plan to go to for their 1st valentines day?
What is Howard's allergy?
What is the name of Sheldon's sister?
What is the name of Raj's sister?
Who does Priya have a relationship with?
Who is Sheldon, Leonard, Howard & Raj's department chairman at the university?
What is the name of the robot the boys design to enter a tournament?
Who do the boys agree to challenge in a robot street fight?
Who does Wil Wheaton say died to trick Sheldon and win the card game?
Which actor played Sheldon Cooper?
Who works with Sheldon Cooper in Season 6?
When Sheldon Cooper plays a prank, what does he say?
Who moves above Leonard & Sheldon that Penny dislikes?
Wednesday night to Sheldon is what night?
Which famous scientist visits Sheldon, Penny & Leonard?
Soft Kitty, warm kitty...
happy kitty sleepy kitty
What contest does Sheldon Cooper name his team AA and lose by 1 question?
Penny starts a business making what?
Who is the iPhone 4S feminine computerized voice does Raj speak to?
Sheldon steals Howard's limited edition iron man hat and Howard sits on Sheldon's spot naked over what?
Who comes to the university aged 15 from North Korea?
What is the name of the girl who Raj loves deeply at the end of Season 6?
What side of the couch is Sheldon's spot?
How can Raj speak to women before season 6?
Which girlfriend of Leonard's only makes an appearance in season 2?
Rock paper scissors...
What does Penny shoot at Sheldon's spot?
Before the Cheesecake Factory, where did Sheldon like to have his burgers?
Where do Raj, Howard, Sheldon & Leonard go at the end of series 2
What day is laundry night?
YOU WIN!! (type really)
BAZINGA! What actor plays Barry Kripke?
What actor plays Dr. Beverly Hoffstadter?
When does Sheldon Cooper use Bazinga more than any other moment?

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