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Can you name the CSI's and what they did in these episodes?

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Who solved his/her 100th case?Episode 1.01 Pilot
Who was supposed to be on the crime scene with newbie Holly Gribbs?Episode 1.01 Pilot
Who had a one night stand with a callgirl?Episode 1.13 Boom
Who knows sign language?Episide 1.20 Sounds of Silence
Who burried the ashes of a gorilla?Episode 1.22 Evaluation Day
Who did Nick tell about his abuse as a child?Episode 2.03 Overload
Who was leading the case involving Brass' daughter Ellie?Episode 2.10 Ellie
Who does Paul Millander invite for diner?Episode 2.13 Identity Crisis
To who did Catherine give the severed finger?Episode 2.14 The Finger
Which CSI sees Nick being thrown out of a window?Episode 2.19 Stalker
Who has cat allergies?Episode 2.10 Cats in the Cradle
Who investigates a murder with possible cannibalism?Episode 3.03 Let the Seller Beware
Which CSI disappears in a magic trick?Episode 3.05 Abra-Cadaver
Who goes paragliding?Episode 3.10 High and Low
Greg is injured in an explosian, but what other CSI is?Episode 3.22 Play with Fire
Who gives out confidential information about a case, to an old friend?Episode 4.01 Assume Nothing
Who has to find a link between a murder and a found gun on the other side of town?Episode 4.03 Homebodies
Who travels to Jackpot, Nevada for a case?Episode 4.07 Jackpot
Who takes over Nick and Sara's case, involving a missing showgirl?Episode 4.08 After the Show
Who re-opens a 4-year old case of a missing sister?Episode 4.11 Eleven Angry Jurors
Together with who does Catherine investigate a case involving 'vampires'?Episode 4.13 Suckers
When Sara is pulled over for drunk driving, who gets the call?Episode 4.23 Bloodlines
Nick finds an 'alien' together with which CSI?Episode 5.01 Viva Las Vegas
Who is thinking of joining dayshift?Episode 5.05 Swap Meet
Who does Grissom meet in the elevator?Episode 5.07 Formalities
Who does Sara have to shower with?Episode 5.19 4X4
Who helps Brass with a case in Los Angeles, involving his daughter?Episode 5.20 Hollywood Brass
Who warns Nick not to get emotionally involved in the case about 10-year old Cassie?Episode 6.05 Gum Drops
Who accidentally shot a cop?Episode 6.08 A Bullet Runs Through It (Part 2)
Who discovers the girl with the 'werewolve syndrome'?Episode 6.11 Werewolves
Who says he/she has a sixth sense?Episode 6.19 Spellbound
Who's car, with all the evidence in it, gets stolen?Episode 6.21 Rashomama
Who does Catherine dance with in a nightclub?Episode 7.01 Built to Kill (Part 1)
Together with who does Sara investigate the chainsaw massacre?Episode 7.03 Toe Tags
Who confinces Catherine to try a new methode called redrum?Episode 7.12 Redrum
Who finds the last, still living victim, in the house where 6 showgirls were murdered?Episode 7.18 Empty Eyes
Who is the only CSI that doesn't go karting?Episode 8.02 A La Cart
Who has a medicine addiction?Episode 8.09 Cockroaches
Which CSI stays home with the flue?Episode 8.12 Grissom's Divine Comedy
Catherine finds Lindsay in a nightclub. What other CSI is with her?Episode 9.04 Let it Bleed
Nick plays mailbox baseball with who?Episode 9.07 Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
Who teaches Langston how to lift fingerprints?Episode 9.11 The Grave Shift
Riley is taken hostage, but who is the other CSI?Episode 9.17 No Way Out
Who does Hodges meet at a Science Fiction convention?Episode 9.20 A Space Oddity
Who has a possible rabbies infection?Episode 9.22 The Gone Dead Train
Who drives a motorcycle?Episode 9.23 Hog Heaven
Who gets 'abducted' by his/her fellow CSI's?Episode 10.09 Appendicitement
Catherine and Nick investigate a case around 'The Rascall Flats'. Who helps them?Episode 10.14 Unshockable
Who does Detective Vartann kiss?Episode 10.16 The Panty Sniffer
Who says that cheerleaders are his weakness?Episode 10.16 The Panty Sniffer
Who gets knocked out by Dr. Jekyll?Episode 10.17 Irradiator
Hodges pretends to be a field CSI. Who is the other labrat?Episode 10.18 Field Mice
Who gets shot by Dr. Jekyll, but survives?Episode 10.23 Meat Jekyll

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