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Boy travels the country and enslaves wild animals in balls.
Every country in the world is personified as we explore WWII adorably. That shouldn't be possible, should it?
Weapons and their weilders attend school together and gather the evil souls in their world.
A young boy in Victorian England sells his soul to a demon who vows to serve him in his quest for revenge against those who killed his family.
A high school student finds a notebook that will kill whoever's name is written inside it and uses it to kill criminals.
To take revenge is to dig a double grave, but if you access a certain website at midnight you can still send your tormentor straight to hell.
A group of kids are hit with a blizzard at summer camp and are sent to another dimension where everything is made out of computer data and every child gets a monster companion.
Human shaped computers are gorgeous and can do anything. A computer illterate boy might've come across the most powerful, and adorable, robot girl of them all.
He left his old life behind to become a sweeper to fight crime, but the other numbers would let XIII abandon them so easily.
One day you get hit by a car, the next you need to hatch an egg to come back to life, and the next your a spirit detective employeed by a toddler. Well at least you get a gun.
With the help of her friends and a talking cat, a gluttonous girl has to transform into a miniskirt wearing crime fighter and save the world's energy.
A girl wins a scholarship to attend a presteigous high school, is mistaken for a boy, and is forced to entertain girls with too much time on their hands.
A ten year old wizard is sent to girls quite a bit older than him in a bording school. He ends up kissing all of them. Even the one that's a ghost. There's a talking ferret too.
In the future, some apocalyptic event has torched Tokyo and now those that survive in a vast sea of sand. One breast-obsessed bounty hunter lives day to day.
A quest across infinite worlds and times taken by four companions to collect feathers that will save a princess' precious memories.
One boy loves a girl. She think he loves her sister. Which is fine with her since she loves another boy anyway. But another boy loves the girl's sister. School is complicated.
A master strategian travels to an island where the 7th generation head of the Swordless Swordsmen lives to get his help collecting 12 swords that can be used to destroy the world.
A girl falls down a well and ends up in feudal Japan. Through an error of her own she is sent on a quest with several companions to collect all the pieces of shattered jewel.
A lazy college otaku club takes on a few new members, one of which is hot and dating an angry woman who hates otaku with a passion.
A girl is adopted into a family of boys who have a secret, and that is that they all turn into animals when faced with the opposite sex!
To make something, you have to give something up, Two brothers find that out the hard way when they try to resurrect the dead and one ends up with his soul in a suit of armor.

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