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Few ActorsActor
1.Liam Neeson 2.Sean Bean 3.Morgan Freeman 4.Ian McKellen
1.Al Pacino 2.Ralph Fiennes 3.Christian Bale 4.Geoffrey Rush
1.Johnny Depp 2.Aaron Eckhart 3.Harrison Ford 4.Viggo Mortensen
1.Robert Downey Jr 2.Liam Neeson 3.Tom Hanks 4.Gary Oldman
1.Morgan Freeman 2.Viggo Mortensen 3.Sean Penn 4.Jack Nicholson
1.Ed Harris 2.Sean Connery 3.Leslie Nielsen 4.Christopher Lee
1.Christoph Waltz 2.Sean Bean 3.Antonio Banderas 4.Til Schweiger
1.Andy Serkis 2.Kristen Stewart 3.Frank Oz 4.Ralph Fiennes
1.Steve Buscemi 2.Elijah Wood 3.Leonardo DiCaprio 4.Jared Leto
1.Steve Martin 2.Dustin Hoffman 3.Robin Williams 4.Daniel Craig
1.Sean Connery 2.Marlon Brando 3.Ian McKellen 4.Harrison Ford
1.Gary Oldman 2.Hugo Weaving 3.Hugh Jackman 4.Daniel Craig
1.Frank Oz 2.Ralph Fiennes 3.Jack Black 4,Andy Serkis
Few ActorsActor
1.Ewan McGregor 2.Clint Eastwood 3.Hugh Jackman 4.Steve Buscemi
1.Jean-Claude Van Damme 2.Steve Buscemi 3.Roberto Benigni 4.Antonia Banderas
1.Mel Gibson 2.Orlando Bloom 3.Jake Gyllenhaal 4.Richard Gere
1.John Travolta 2.Robert Downey Jr 3.Nicolas Cage 4.Anthony Hopkins
1.Clint Eastwood 2.Edward Norton 3.Brad Pitt 4.Aaron Eckhart
1.Tom Cruise 2.Jim Carrey 3.Hugh Jackman 4.Colin Firth
1.Will Smith 2.Denzel Washington 3.Eddie Murphy 4.Samuel L Jackson
1.Jake Gyllenhaal 2.Jim Carrey 3.Steve Buscemi 4.Tom Cruise
1.Robin Williams 2.Bruce Willis 3.David Duchovny 4.Kevin Spacey
1.Robert De Niro 2.Bruce Willis 3.Robert Pattinson 4.Daniel Radcliffe
1.Sean Bean 2.Liam Neeson 3.Daniel Craig 4.Russell Crowe
1.Timothy Dalton 2.Roger Moore 3.Pierce Brosnan 4.George Lazenby

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