Power Rangers Villains (no MOTD)

Can you name the Power Rangers Villains (no MOTD)

SeasonVillain's NameDescription
MMPRBoss Empress of Evil
MMPRHead General
MMPRFoot Soldiers made of clay
MMPREvil Green Ranger
MMPR2new foot soldiers made of clay
MMPR2New Boss and Husband to Empress
MMPR3General and Brother to Empress
MMPR3Bird-like Foot-soldiers
MMPR3Human under Spell (Future Pink Ranger)
MMPR3Boss and Father to Empress
MMARBoss on Planet Aquitar
PRZMachine King
PRZMachine Queen
PRZMachine Younger Prince
PRZMakes Machines grow Giant-sized
PRZOlder Machine Prince
PRZWife of Older Machine Prince
PRZRobotic Foot-soldiers
PRZRocket-Shaped Monster
PRTDiva Space Pirate
PRTGeneral and Nephew of Diva
PRTHenchman of Diva
PRTFootsoldiers of Diva
PRTScientist of Diva
PRTFiancee of Diva
PRTMother to Diva
PRTBrother to Diva
PRTFootsoldiers for Brother of Diva
PRISRuler over the United Alliance of Evil
PRISPrincess of Darkness and Sister to Red Space Ranger
PRISGeneral and Father figure to Princess
PRISKidnapped the Red Ranger's Sister and Rival to her General
PRISEvil Rangers that eventually kill a future Pink Ranger
PRLGEvil father to the seasons primary villain
PRLGInsect/Humanoid Villainess
PRLGTurned Miranoi to stone
PRLGArch-rival to Magna Defender
PRLGnoble warrior
PRLGRobotic alien and Mercenary
PRLGsidekick to the noble warrior
PRLGPirate leader of the Lost Galaxy
PRLGSorceress that revived already defeated motd
PRLGGeneral to the pirate leader
PRLGFoot soldiers to Pirate leader
PRLRentombed Demon Queen
PRLRGeneral to the Demon Queen
PRLRHumanoid General (female)
SeasonVillain's NameDescription
PRLRDemon Footsoldiers
PRLRDemon Magician
PRLRPrince and heir to the Demon Queen's Throne
PRLRTitanium Ranger
PRLRVillain from Lost Galaxy/Lightspeed Team Up episode
PRTFHumanoid leader of Mutants
PRTFDaughter of the time-travelling leader to Mutants
PRTFScientist turned Robot
PRTFFootsoldiers for The Mutants
PRWFLeader of the Orgs Viktor Adler
PRWFDuke Org
PRWFDuchess Org
PRWFGeneral Org
PRWFGeneral Org
PRWFEvil Wolf Spirit
PRWFBrother to the Duke Org
PRWFOrg Footsoldiers
PRWFSurviving General to the Machine Empire
PRNSBoss previously known Kiya Watanabe
PRNSNiece of Kiya Watanabe
PRNSNiece of Kiya Watanabe
PRNSEvil Crimson Thunder
PRNSEvil Navy Thunder
PRNSShark themed Bounty Hunter
PRNSHunter's Arch-rival Motorcyclist Perry
PRNSJapanese Statue
PRNSMarah's Friend and replacement
PRNSFootsoldiers to Kiya Watanabe
PRDTDinosaur themed Boss
PRDTTommy's old partner Smitty
PRDTSmitty's foot soldiers
PRDTPrincipal Randall
PRDTTrent and Evil Clone
PRDTFootsoldiers of Dino Boss
PRSPDTroobian Emperor
PRSPDLittle Girl/Warrior that designs monsters
PRSPDWeapons dealer for the Troobians
PRSPDTroobian General who led the victory over Sirius
PRSPDKilled Sky's Father
PRSPDKat Manx old associate
PRSPDDoggie's old rival
PRSPDDefacto leader of the troobians
PRSPDGray, Blue and Orange headed footsoldiers
PRSPDRogue SPD rangers
PRMFOctopus themed Master of the Underworld
PRMFGeneral and undead cyborg
PRMFVampire Bat Woman
PRMFThe Knight Wolf
PRMFFoot soldiers from the Underworld
PRMFCalindor in a past life
PRMFThe most powerful of the 10 terrors
SeasonVillain's NameDescription
PRMFifrit (fire type demon) ten terror with ball and chain and Club
PRMFRed eye Robotic cyclops of the 10 terrors
PRMF10 terror who broke the Rules of Darkness
PRMFGluttonous Toad of the 10 terrors
PRMFFemale Medusa like member of 10 terrors
PRMFA gecko type member of 10 terrors
PRMF10 terror that turned good at the end
PRMFBlack knight type 10 terror
PRMFThe most noble and rule abiding female 10 terrors
PROOIce Themed Brother in search of the Corona Aurora
PROOFootsoldiers of Ice Warrior
PROOLava themed Brother in search of the Corona Aurora
PROOFootsoldiers to Lava Warrior
PROOTrapped in a crystal
PROOOnly human footsoldiers
PROOServant to the warrior trapped in a crystal
PROOFearcat turned into a cyborg
PROOFearcat resembling a bengal tiger
PROOFearcat resembling a cheetah
PROOFearcat who can create illusions
PROOThe Son of the Original Bosses in MMPR
PRJFMain Ememy of Pai Zhuq Lion Spirit
PRJFMain Ememies General Chameleon Spirit
PRJFFootsoldiers to the Enemy of Pai Zhuq
PRJFSky Overlord
PRJFSea Overlord
PRJFEarth Overlord
PRJFPhantom Beast Snapping Turtle
PRJFPhantom Beast Tiger
PRJFPhantom Beast Dragon
PRRPMComputer Virus
PRRPMGeneral that is less intelligent
PRRPMGeneral that is more serious
PRRPMAndroid Female Attack Bot (sister to RPM Series Black)
PRRPMAttack Bot General that sabotages female attack bot
PRRPMFootsoldiers for Computer virus
PRSNighlok Leader
PRSWarrior half/human
PRSVery Sad Female Nighlok
PRSScientist Nighlok
PRSSThought to be the Nighlok King at Tengen Gate Cursed two humans and turned them into nighlok
PRSFootsoldiers of Nighlok
PRMLeader of the Warstar Alien invasion
PRMPrince who has various forms and sends the zombats to make monsters grow
PRMInsectoid Monster who is destroyed by the Red Ranger
PRMA glob toxic beast
PRMA yetti style toxic beast
PRMFemale General created by the Prince
PRMFootsoldiers of Warstar Aliens
PRMMonster sent to warn the Prince that his Brother is coming
PRSMPrince of the Armada
PRSMGeneral of Armada (robotic)
PRSMLieutenant of Armada
PRSMTechnical Director
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