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Character's NameActor's NameSeason(s) Appearing
Orion Super Megaforce
ZhaneIn Space; Lost Galaxy
Sydney DrewSPD
Kendrix MorganLost Galaxy; Lightspeed Rescue
Conner McKnightDino Thunder; SPD
Taylor EarhardtWild Force
Kelsey WinslowLightspeed Rescue; Time Force
CorcusMMAR; Zeo; In Space
Rose OrtizOperation Overdrive
Noah CarverMegaforce; Super Megaforce
Ethan JamesDino Thunder; SPD
Justin Stewart Turbo; In Space
Jake HollingMegaforce; Super Megaforce
Summer LandsdownRPM
Rocky De SantosMMPR; Zeo; Turbo
Vida RoccaMystic Force
Robert 'RJ' JamesJungle Fury
Nick Russell/BowenMystic Force
Karone/AstronemaIn Space; Lost Galaxy; Super Megaforce
CestroMMAR; Zeo; In Space
Jarrod/Dai ShiJungle Fury
MayaLost Galaxy; Lightspeed Rescue
Damon HendersonLost Galaxy; Lightspeed Rescue; Super Megaforce
Kevin Samurai; Super Samurai
Adam Park MMPR; Zeo; Turbo; In Space; Operation Overdrive
Zack TaylorMMPR
Wes CollinsTime Force; Wild Force; Super Megaforce
Scott TrumanRPM; Samurai
Katherine HillardMMPR; Zeo; Turbo
KodaDino Charge
Leo CorbettLost Galaxy; Lightspeed Rescue; Wild Force; Super Megaforce
Jayden ShibaSamurai; Super Samurai; Super Megaforce
Flynn McAllistairRPM
Madison RoccaMystic Force
AuricoMMAR; Zeo; In Space; Wild Force
Character's NameActor's NameSeason(s) Appearing
Ziggy GroverRPM
TideusMMAR; Zeo; In Space
Dominic HarganJungle Fury
Kira FordDino Thunder; SPD; Operation Overdrive
Schuyler 'Sky' TateSPD
Max CooperWild Force
Cassie ChanTurbo; In Space; Lost Galaxy; Super Megaforce
Ashley HammondTurbo; In Space; Lost Galaxy
Carlos ValerteTurbo; In Space; Lost Galaxy
Troy BurrowsMegaforce; Super Megaforce
Chase RandallDino Charge
TripTime Force; Wild Force
Gia MoranMegaforce; Super Megaforce
Xander BlyMystic Force; Operation Overdrive
Jen ScottsTime Force; Wild Force
MikeSamurai; Super Samurai; Super Megaforce
Waldo 'Dustin' BrooksNinja Storm; Dino Thunder
Merrick BalitonWild Force
Hunter BradleyNinja Storm; Dino Thunder
TJ JohnsonTurbo; In Space; Lost Galaxy; Wild Force; Super Megaforce
Shelby WatkinsDino Charge
Blake BradleyNinja Storm; Dino Thunder
Trini KwanMMPR
Chad LeeLightspeed Rescue; Time Force
Dana MitchellLightspeed Rescue; Time Force; Super Megaforce
Mike CorbettLost Galaxy; Lightspeed Rescue
Mack HartfordOperation Overdrive
Billy CranstonMMPR; Zeo
CamilleJungle Fury
Joel RawlingsLightspeed Rescue; Time Force
Lauren ShibaSuper Samurai
Kat Manx/ Master GuinnSPD; Jungle Fury
Ronny RobinsonOperation Overdrive
TyzonnOperation Overdrive
Eric MyersTime Force; Wild Force
Tommy Oliver MMPR; Zeo; Turbo; Wild Force; Dino Thunder; Super Megaforce
Tyler NavarroDino Charge
Character's NameActor's NameSeason(s) Appearing
Lily ChilmanJungle Fury
Alyssa EnrileWild Force
DelphineMMAR; Zeo; In Space
Jack LandorsSPD;
Tanya Sloan MMPR; Zeo; Turbo
Jason Lee Scott MMPR; Zeo; Wild Force
Carter GraysonLightspeed Rescue; Time Force; Wild Force; Super Megaforce
Dax LoOperation Overdrive
Will AstonOperation Overdrive
Cameron 'Cam' WatanabeNinja Storm; Dino Thunder
Shane ClarkeNinja Storm; Dino Thunder
Kimberly Hart MMPR; Turbo
AndrosIn Space; Lost Galaxy; Wild Force
Casey RhodesJungle Fury; Super Megaforce
Lucas KendallTime Force; Wild Force
Charlie 'Chip' Thorn/ Sentinel KnightMystic Force; Operation Overdrive
Doggie Cruger/DaggeronSPD; Mystic Force
Trey Zeo; Turbo; In Space
Trent Fernandez-MercerDino Thunder; SPD
Riley GriffinDino Charge
Kai ChenLost Galaxy; Lightspeed Rescue
Emma GoodallMegaforce; Super Megaforce
Tori HansonNinja Storm; Dino Thunder; Operation Overdrive
Mia WatanabeSamurai; Super Samurai; Super Megaforce
Cole Evans/DekerWild Force
EmilySamurai; Super Samurai; Super Megaforce
Elizabeth 'Z' DelgadoSPD;
UdonnaMystic Force
Kendall MorganDino Charge
Ryan MitchellLightspeed Rescue; Time Force
Antonio GarciaSamurai; Super Samurai; Super Megaforce
Bridge CarsonSPD; Operation Overdrive
Theo MartinJungle Fury
Danny DelgadoWild Force
Katie WalkerTime Force; Wild Force

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