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2004, 'Do you dare?'
2005, 'Everybody has one.'
2006, 'Are you?'
2006, 'Magic Begins at Midnight'
2007, 'The greatest freedom is to believe in yourself.'
2008, 'Live yours to the fullest'
2009, 'What do you have to hide?'
2009, 'Where nothing is what it seems'
2010, 'Choose your own destiny'
2011, 'Be the brightest star in the universe'
2012, 'Choose Your Fantasy'
2013, 'What's your island fantasy?'
2013, '10 Hugs and 10 Kisses, xoxo - Britney'
2014, 'Everybody has one. Naughty or Nice?'
2014, 'Everybody has one. Naughty or Nice?'
2014, 'Your faint Fantasy fragrance + limited edition bottle, xoxo - Britney' EXTRA CLUE: Pop stars perform on a 'what?'
2014, 'Unlock your rock 'n' roll side'
2015, 'Everybody has an intimate fantasy'
2016, 'Aloha from Hawaii, xoxo - Britney'
2016, '... take a bow'
Her 21st and most recent fragrance as of 2017

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