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Utah, Omaha, Gold, Sowrd, and Juno were the beaches of Normandy that will to date bet the setting for the one of the largest Amphibious attacks in historyOperation Overlord
Stopped Luftwaffe from giving way for Operation Sea LionBattle of Britain
USS Arizona along with other US battleships were sunkAttack on Pearl Harbor
Last Major Offensive of Germany on the Western Front, involving infiltrating Belgium, was finally ended by PattonBattle of the Bulge
German Field Marshall Paulus defeated by Soviet Marshal Zhukov during the Summer OffensiveBattle of Stalingrad
Turning Point of African Campaign where Montgomery defeats the German Afrika Korps under RommelSecond Battle of the Alamein
Japanese General Kuribayashi fails to stop the conquest captured by Rosenthal's photograph on Mount SuribachiBattle of Iwo Jima
Turning Point of Pacific TheaterBatle of Midway
Final major attack on Eastern front, tank battle where Germans failed to complete Operation Citadel against RussiaBattle of Kursk
The most kamikaze attacks in a battle were sent to a US fleetBattle of Okinawa
Large Naval Battle where Japanese failed to halt American reconquest of the PhilippinesBattle of Leyte Gulf
This defense of Port Moresby was the first Navy battle where neither fleet directly shot the otherBattle of the Coral Sea

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