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QUIZ: Can you name the Civil War Battles and Campaigns?

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Who defeats WhoDate
P.G.T. Beauregard defeats Major Anderson (April 12, 1861) South Carolina
P.G.T. Beauregard defeats Commander Irwin McDowell (July 21, 1861) Virginia
The Virginia stalemates with The Monitor (March 9, 1862) Virginia
J. Johnston & Lee defeat McClellan(March-July 1862) Virgina
Grant defeats A. Johnston & Beauregard(April 6-7, 1862) Tennessee
Lee & Jackson defeat Pope & Halleck(August 29-30, 1862) Virginia
McClellan defeats Lee(September 17, 1862) Maryland
Who defeats WhoDate
Lee defeats Burnside(December 13, 1862) Virginia
Grant defeats Pemberton & J. Johnston(April 29-July 4, 1863) Mississippi
Lee & Jackson defeat Hooker(May 1-4, 1863) Virginia
Meade defeats Lee(July 1-3, 1863) Pennsylvania
Rosecrans & Thomas defeats Bragg(September-November 1863) Georgia
Lee defeats Grant(May 5-June 12, 1864) Virginia
Grant defeats Lee(June 1864-April 1865) Virginia

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